Colbert also reveals if he regrets his Sean Spicer bit at the Emmys and whether CBS gave him pushback on addressing Les Moonves scandal.

Stephen Colbert swung by the Bravo Clubhouse on Sunday night to field some questions and throw back a cocktail or two with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live."

As is usually the case on this show, Andy got his guest to spill some tea as the two played a game of Never Have I Ever that ended in both of them reaching for their drinks.

A few things we learned during this game: both hosts have asked their guests questions they’ve immediately regretted, neither has hooked up in one of their dressing rooms and each of them had "passed gas" during their tapings.

They also bonded over sometimes forgetting their guests’ names mid-interview, before both denied ever doing an interview high.

"There was a time in my life," Colbert said, after being asked if he was a stoner. "Then I found out I couldn’t read when I went to bed when I was high, so I stopped."

In another segment, the "Shady Col-Bear" came out to ask Colbert some shady questions of his own.

First, he was asked whether her regretted having Sean Spicer pop up at the Emmy Awards when he hosted in 2017. "Not at all," Colbert answered without hesitation. "I had no fear that it would redeem him."

"I knew there would be some people that didn’t like it," he added. "The funny thing was, I looked around the room and I thought to myself there’s not one joke I’ve told tonight to this room full of liberals that was a joke, except the one I’m about to do and it was the joke I most wanted to do."

The bear also asked if there’s one politician out there who gives him the "heebie jeebies." His answer: Ted Cruz.

A few of Cohen’s callers also had some good questions for his guest, as one asked Colbert to reveal the "best liar" he’s ever dealt with. "I did interview the president, and he is the most lies-per-minute of any politician on record, to a pathological level," he answered. "So I would say, it’s you, sir."

Another person asked whether CBS gave him any pushback when he decided to address the sexual misconduct allegations levied against the network’s president, Les Moonves.

"None," he replied. "As soon as I heard the article came out, I knew I’d have to talk about it Monday night. We talk about everything. That’s all I worked on that Monday, what I wanted to say. About a half hour before we taped, we told CBS and there was no pushback."

You can watch his comments about Les below:

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