Stranger Things stunt boss teases ‘exciting’ season 4 action and breaks down explosive Star Court Mall battle

STRANGER Things stunt boss has teased some ‘exciting’ season four action and gone into detail about THAT explosive Court Mall battle. 

With the season four trailer already promising welcome returns of beloved heroes and more adventures involving the Upside Down, fans will be pleased to hear more about the iconic scenes from series three. 

Hiro Koda, the stunt coordinator on Netflix’s beloved sci-fi Stranger Things, has teased that season four is "gonna be cool".

He said: "It’s gonna be cool. It’s gonna be exciting. I mean, you saw the opening trailer that they’ve had so far, and I thought that was a very smart move on their part to let everyone know about Hopper and that situation.

"It’s just gonna be an exciting season for sure."

Wetting the appetite for the show's fans, Hiro lifted the lid on his most memorable stunts and how the iconic mall scene battle at the end of season three actually could have been.

He explained: “The car sequence, the T-bone at the very end at the Star Court mall was one that was tossed around for all the time. 

“We were prepping, going back and forth [about] whether we were going to be doing it practical or if it was going to become a CG unit, like if it was gonna be visual effects. 

“And you know, thankfully the visual effects wanted us to do it practically, it was expensive either way. But the [Duffer] bros gave me the chance and opportunity because they trusted that we could get it done practically [and it] was incredible.”

Speaking to, Hiro opened up about what it’s like working with the cast and what goes into creating a fight scene. 

Hiro revealed that the stunt team is largely there for the cast’s safety – especially with many of them being children – but everyone wants to get involved. 

He said: “Everybody was gung ho to get into the stunts and do certain things…Hopper, Dave Harbour, is incredible, is awesome and he’s super agile and he learns all his choreography super quick and very safe with the fights and things like that.

“And he is a very strong man, he’s a very big man!”

The stunt guru explained that the many fight scenes in the show had to be meticulously crafted to each character’s fighting style, from Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington to David Harbour’s Jim Hopper. 

“…Because everybody’s character is so different…Like you have to choreograph to that actor, and what their character is, if that makes sense because, you know, Joe’s character [Steve Harrington] fights completely different from the way Hopper fights and the way Grigori (Andrey Ivchenko) fights, like we create these styles for them, and we want to stick to how they are when they’re doing their fights and their action. 

“That’s important to me with choreographing the scenes with people is to make sure that I can choreograph to what they’re capable of doing, what their capabilities are, and not just doing something cool because it looks cool. It has to make sense for the story.”

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