The Chase contestant sends viewers into meltdown with £56k gamble: ‘No chance’

The Chase returned to ITV this evening with the first fan-favourite quiz show of the week, and joining host Bradley Walsh was Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett in the Chaser’s chair. 

Kicking off the show was contestants Andy, Carline, Del and Dave, all hoping to beat Mark and scoop some money from the jackpot. 

While Andy got the show off to a positive start, securing £4,000 for the jackpot, Carline and Del both failed to contribute. 

But it was when the final player Dave took the podium that those watching at home were sent into a frenzy. 

After correctly answering five questions in the cash builder round, the medical student took his pew in front of the screen facing Mark. 

“Let’s put some money on the table,” Bradley began and Mark offered the low sum first: “A ridiculously low offer of £2,000.” 

Explaining his reason why, The Beast said: “I don’t think they stand a chance against me, one or two of them.” 

Moving onto the high offer, he continued: “Seeing as I’m massively over confident at the moment, £56,000.” 

Turning to Andy to discuss his options, his co-player said: “That’s a big amount of money but it’s pretty lonely over here. With two of us we’ve got a real chance of beating him.” 

Keen to hear Dave’s thoughts, Bradley asked: “What you think about? The big money?” 

“I’m thinking about the big money,” Dave reiterated. “I’m better than that [£2,000 or £5,000], and I don’t like the way he’s bad mouthing me. Let’s go for the £56,000.” 

And it wasn’t long before viewers took to Twitter to comment on the almighty gamble. 

One said: “High offer warrior alert klaxon #TheChase,” while another said: “Oh wow, no chance but good luck #TheChase.” 

Someone else praised his risky decision and remarked: “Dave instantly earns my respect.” 

“#TheChase fair play!!! Come on Dave,” a third tweet commented. 

One The Chase fan wrote: “I’d rather go for £56,000 and be knocked out. The right decision was made…” 

Nevertheless, luck was not on Dave’s side as he failed to beat Mark and instead was knocked out of the competition. 

It was then down to Andy to take home the money he had won in the cash builder as he went head to head with Mark in the final round. 

After securing 16 blocks for a head start, Mark provided him with seven opportunities to push back. 

However, Andy failed to deliver the correct answers and with 15 seconds to spare, The Beast caught up with the player. 

Commenting on the win, Mark actually defended the difficulty of the questions they both faced and said: “You had one pushback from seven. But the other six questions were not easy. Even I struggled.” 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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