The Chase’s Mark Labbett brands viewers ‘idiots’ in tense low-offer row

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Things got rather heated during Thursday's instalment of hit ITV quiz show The Chase, as Mark Labbett – AKA The Beast – ruthlessly branded viewers 'idiots' in a tense row.

Four new contestants had stepped up to the plate to face off Mark for the chance to secure a cash prize, with Lesley, Ellie, Rob and James all hoping to win big.

Though Lesley was eliminated in her round, it soon became Ellie's turn to step up to the plate and face host Bradley Walsh for a quick-fire Cash-Builder round.

Unfortunately, she was only able to answer two questions correctly, and secured just £2,000 to take her into the face-off with Mark.

And things looked even worse as Mark halved that money for the low offer, and Ellie opted to go for the £1,000 to take back to her team.

Anticipating what viewers at home would be thinking about her decision, Mark was quick to put assumptions to rest as he insisted: "For those people sitting at home screaming, 'Never go for the low!', well, you're idiots!

"£1,000 is the right thing here," he advised.

And it seemed Mark was correct, as Ellie managed to easily stride through to the Final Chase.

However, Rob wasn't quite so lucky, and became the second casualty of the game – leaving Ellie dependent on James to ensure she wouldn't be facing Mark alone yet again.

As Ellie made her way back to the bench, Mark couldn't resist saying: "Hands up who thinks she should have taken the one rather than the £32,000?"

He raised his hand, with host Bradley reluctantly following suit, as Mark said: "Smart move and we all know it."

Fans, however, weren't quite so happy with Mark, as they took to Twitter to post: "Mark Labbett calling us idiots is like that one time Phillip Schofield called the #ThisMorning hashtaggers moaners! #TheChase."

"Mark calling viewers idiots is top tier TV!" another giggled.

"The Beast calling us all idiots!" someone else grumbled.

However, others clearly agreed with Mark – especially as there were plenty of fans furious that Ellie had plumped for the lower offer.

"The Beast calling people idiots who slate taking the low offer on The Chase. Too right Beasty Boy. Underrated strategy!" one fan chimed in.

Elsewhere in the quiz, fans were left distracted at Ellie's rather bizarre career as she admitted she is a tea blender.

When Brad wondered what this entailed, she explained: "I'm a tea blender, so I own my own small business making loose-leaf tea bags."

She explained that once she'd found out about the amount of plastic in regular tea bags, she wanted to create her own more environmentally-friendly products, based on her grandma's own recipes.

Ellie's popular blend is black rose, something Brad was chuffed about as she insisted she'd send him a sample.

"Fantastic, that's what I was hoping for!" Brad cheered. "Took ages to get there, but we got there everybody!"

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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