The Circle viewers spot technical glitch that covered up what one contestant said

One of the most unexpected moments of last night’s (September 20) The Circle wasn’t when Jennifer’s catfishing skills were exposed, but when the reality series suffered a technical glitch.

In yesterday’s episode, viewers were left puzzled when the broadcast threw a temporary wobble, covering up what player Genelle was saying at the time.

Fortunately, Channel 4 is on hand to clear things up for us with endearing honesty – and absolutely no poetic licence at all.

Apologising to fans, the channel wrote on Twitter: “Sorry about that tiny glitch during #TheCircle. I can exclusively reveal what Genelle said…

“‘I think the person doing channel 4’s Social Media tonight should get a pay rise.’ Well, unexpected, but there you go!”

Unexpected indeed.

In equally surprising news, The Circle introduced its latest participant yesterday, 22-year old care worker Sinead. Or at least, that’s who she is to viewers.

To the other contestants of the Big Brother x Black Mirror reality series, Sinead is actually a 65-year-old antiques dealer called Christopher.

Why? Because “everyone loves old people”, of course.

Far less contentious than Jennifer’s cancer doctor ruse, viewers loved the fact that Sinead was using photos of her grandad to make her whole online persona more realistic. Smart move.

The Circle continues tonight (September 21) at 10pm on Channel 4.

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