The Duggars trolled by Biden supporters as Trump-loving family asks fans to share what they're grateful for right now

THE Duggar family have been trolled by fans after their Instagram accodunt was flooded with Joe Biden supporters.

The infamous conservative family, who supported Donald Trump and whose son ran for state office, shared a Thanksgiving post that read: "Happy Fall Y’all! November is National Gratitude Month! What are you grateful for today?"

But fans quickly flocked to the comments to reveal they were thankful for "new leadership in the White House" and that "decency had been restored."

"For my Savior Jesus Christ & that Trump will be out of office come January! Amen!" commented one fan, as another shared: "Biden & Harris. Thank god normal decency has been restored to America’s soul."

"Biden and Harris replacing Trump and Pence! America is back…" added another, as one international follower wrote: "That the USA voted for Biden and Harris. The world thanks you!"

The religious family do not believe in birth control, LGBTQ rights, nor dating.

Patriarch Jim Bob and matriarch Michelle insist their children spent time courting others in groups, and many of their children had their first kiss with their partners at the wedding ceremony.

During the 2020 election, Jim Bob and Michelle's son Jed ran for Arkansas state house of representatives, but lost to Democrat incumbent Megan Godfrey.

The family supported their sibling, and also revealed they were voting for Trump as Jana shared a video of her younger brother James' "lawn art".

James, 19, used a weed eater to cut "TRUMP 2020" into the grass in front of the Duggars' home in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Jana, 30, shared a clip of James' efforts on Instagram, writing: "James is so creative and is always surprising us with the things he comes up with!

"Check out the new yard artwork he did with just a weed eater."

The family has long shown their support for Trump, as last year, Justin Duggar, 16, carved an identical "TRUMP 2020" sign onto the family yard.

However, sister Jill surprised fans by choosing to follow President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-presdent-elect Kamala Harris, in direct rebuke to her family's support for Trump.

Jill is also following the lame duck President, but her decision to follow Democrat party leader Biden has shocked fans who praised her for being "willing to hear a different viewpoint."

Trump has refused to concede the election depsite losing the public vote by nearly five million.

He was also unable to reach 270 electoral college votes but has claimed illegal votes were counted and is now demanding a recount.


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