Amazon has blessed the world with the first trailer for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season two. While there’s still no premiere date, fans should be delighted to know that Midge and company are up to their usual antics while wearing the best outfits the ‘60s has to offer. There are also hoola hoops (exercise is key), a trip to the Catskills, some sort of pageant, lots of dancing (Joel, what are you doing), Abe doing lunges (yep), and mad screaming from Midge while in a car with Susie. The trailer, set to Judy Garland’s happy-go-lucky “Get Happy,” also opens with Midge’s mom asking if she’s dating anyone. Joel, look away.

As previously announced, season two will have 10 episodes, including one that takes place in Paris, and a new cast member in Zachary Levi (he’s playing an “eclectic Manhattan doctor”). Amazon has already ordered a third season, so come on, get happy!

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