The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson slams new special’s treasure-hunting premise ‘Nonsense!’

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt first look revealed

Former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are on search for buried gold in their latest adventure on Amazon Prime Video. However, Clarkson revealed he wasn’t as keen on The Grand Tour’s trek across Madagascar when he spoke exclusively to


Jeremy Clarkson blasted the premise of the new episode of The Grand Tour ahead of its release this week on Amazon Prime.

Clarkson stars alongside long-suffering presenters Richard Hammond and James May in A Massive Hunt, which sees the former Top Gear trio in Madagascar searching for pirate treasure.

The feature length special kicks off when producer Andy Wilman sends them a cryptic pirate code, ostensibly pointing the way to a valuable artefact from the days of swashbuckling buried somewhere in the East African nation.

Despite his co-hosts’ excitement, Clarkson dismissed the idea of buried treasure on Madagascar throughout their journey in modified cars.

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He then confided to “I don’t believe in that old pirate treasure nonsense, none’s ever been found.”

No spoilers here, but Grand Tour fans will have to tune in to find out whether their chase across the perilous roads of Madagascar was actually worth it.

While his co-stars struggled to acclimatise to the rough road conditions, Clarkson seemed remarkably comfortable in a souped up Bentley Continental GT V8.

Although he enjoyed his time in the exotic locale, he still took issue with the show’s latest flimsy concept.

He continued: “It was an interesting trip to make and a fascinating program to watch.

“But the idea you can go to find pirate treasure – well, none’s ever been found in all of human history.

“Even though James and Richard claim that, factually, the treasure we’re looking for did exist.”

Said pirate treasure was reportedly worth around $100 million, which would have increased the three TV stars’ net worths considerably.

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However, Jeremy Clarkson continued to grumble about his hosts’ claims throughout their journey, which fans will be able to enjoy for themselves this Friday.

Still, the ludicrous treasure hunt and tough roads weren’t enough to discourage the team of motorists from enjoying the scenery and culture on offer in Madagascar.

Clarkson recalled: “It’s an enormous country, and it’s absolutely, spectacularly beautiful.

“It bowls you over round every corner. You think, well we won’t see a view better than that, then two seconds later there it is.”

Travel has, of course, been restricted by the same pandemic which caused the show’s producer to fall ill, delaying the new special by several months.

Clarkson still urged: “You can’t go, but as soon as you’re able I would whole-heartedly recommend it. Just don’t expect to be staying in 5 star luxury.”

Fans will be delighted to see The Grand Tour return with another 90 minute special now it’s been over a year since the last instalment was released.

The three car experts and TV adventurers also took a trip closer to home earlier this year to the Outer Hebrides, so it’s hoped the next episode won’t take quite so long to hit screens.

The Grand Tour presents… A Massive Hunt is released Friday, December 18 on Amazon Prime Video.

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