The Letter For The King location: Where is Letter For The King filmed? Where’s it set?

Netflix has dropped its big-budget adaptation of the well-loved 1962 novel The Letter For the King by Dutch author Tonke Dragt. All six episodes were released worldwide on Netflix today (Friday, March 20) for viewers to binge in one go. takes a look at the filming locations and settings for the exciting new drama for the whole family.

Where is The Letter For The King set?

The Letter For The King takes its cue from Dragt’s novel De brief voor de Koning, which is set in a fantastical medieval world of magic and knights.

The show falls into the genre of high fantasy and appears to adopt similar tropes to Game of Thrones, The Witcher and Merlin.

There are three realms within the world of the show, which relies on medieval technology and exists in a feudal system.


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The Letter For The King is set against the backdrop of a war between kingdoms Dagonaut and Unauwen against the region of Evillan.

Viewers can expect continually changing settings as a young knight called Tiuri (Amir Wilson) makes a perilous journey to reach the king after he’s given a letter by a mysterious man.

Tiuri’s journey will take him across vast landscapes and into danger as he tries to get his missive to the monarch.

There will be those who wish to stop him from delivering his message with the young knight battling against many enemies.

The trailer for The Letter For The King sees Tiuri travelling a great distance on horseback as he recruits companions to help him on his mission.

Along with His Dark Materials actor Wilson, the show also stars Ruby Serkis, Thaddea Graham and Gijs Blom.

The Letter For The King has already been turned into a film in its native Netherlands back in 2008.

While the novel has been translated into multiple languages including Greek, Germany, French, Japanese and English.

Copies of the novel have sold over a million copies across the world, according to the Guardian.

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Where is The Letter For The King filmed?

The show was filmed in various locations, but the two key places were in New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

According to Stuff.NZ, filming in New Zealand took place in 2018 after the show got the green light from Netflix.

Among the locations were Queenstown and Auckland, the capital of the north island of the nation, reported The Cinemaholic.

Queenstown is on the South Island and is a well-known destination for outdoor sports and skiing.


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The South Island was also used by director Peter Jackson, who shot most of The Lord of the Rings trilogy in the country.

Among the European locations was Prague in the Czech Republic as well as a village called Kytin.

The cast and crew shared images from the set one social medica with the Vltava River being another location.

Prague has been used by many film and television companies over the years to double up for medieval settings.

Other productions which have filmed in the Eastern European nation have included The Last Kingdom, Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row and Knightfall, among many others.

Letter For The King is streaming on Netflix now

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