Ruby Rose may be starring in the latest summer shark movie, but the actress doesn’t see them as the bad guys.

Rose stars in The Meg, a new action film about a prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon. The actress plays a scientist who is obsessed with the shark. As she tells PEOPLE, it was the film’s depiction of the creature that made Rose want to take part in the project.

“I’ve always loved sharks and one of the biggest things about reading the script was I had read scripts in the past that were shark films, and I just wasn’t interested in doing a film that made the shark out to be sort of like a human predator that only eats humans and has some sort of personality where its really decided that it’s gonna attack people,” she says. “They mistake us for other things, like seals or fish, but they never intentionally want to harm us.”

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Rose is Australian and grew up out in the waves swimming and surfing, which gave her an appreciation for sharks and the ocean.

“I’m really all for coexisting with sharks.That’s their habitat, that’s their world in the ocean,” she says. “We don’t live there, we have plenty of land that we’re not even treating that well enough — we really don’t deserve the ocean.”

The Meg hits theaters August 10.

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