The Nun advert pulled by YouTube after viewers complained it was too scary

In something of an old-school technique, horror movie The Nun had a jump-scare teaser clip attached to videos on YouTube. Unfortunately for the film’s producers, it’s now been removed following a wave of complaints.

Set for release next month, The Nun acts a prequel to The Conjuring 2 as it traces the origin of Valak – the demonic titular character. Audiences should prepare for spine-tingling terror and religious horror in what could be 2018’s scariest release.

According to Shortlist, YouTube has now pulled The Nun‘s five second teaser, which was loading up before comedy and even music videos. It’s not unsurprising to hear that viewers were left frightened and appalled following the clip, with many taking to social media in furious response.

The teaser itself mirrored one of those ‘Skip Ad’ inserts, showing an iPhone volume control being reduced which then naturally the phone user would remedy by turning up their volume. Unluckily for them, someone was waiting at the end of the video.

New Line Cinema’s forthcoming movie is directed by Corin Hardy, known for his memorable debut feature The Hallow. The English filmmaker has previously defended his choice to cast Taissa Farmiga in The Nun, as her sister Vera Farmiga also stars in The Conjuring universe.

The Nun opens on September 7 in the UK and the US.

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