‘The Package’: 5 Key Questions With Stars Of Netflix’s Comedy About Teens Saving Their BFF’s D*ck

Netflix’s teen comedy, ‘The Package,’ is out now. The cast EXCLUSIVELY answered 5 questions with HL about friendships, filming in the wilderness, and how far they’d go for a friend’s you-know-what.

Are you ready for a raunchy and downright hilarious teen movie? Well, The Package has arrived. The movie stars Daniel Doheny, Geraldine Viswanathan, Sadie Calvano, Luke Spencer Roberts, and Eduardo Franco. The story follows a group of teenage friends who go on a spring break camping trip, an unfortunate accident sets off a race against time to save their friend’s most prized possession — his d*ck. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Daniel, Sadie, Luke, and Eduardo about the film. Check out our Q&A below. (Note: the interviews were conducted in pairs.)

1. How far would you go for your best friend’s d*ck?
Eduardo Franco: Dude! I would go to hell and back for your d*ck dude!
Daniel Doheny: Man…
Eduardo Franco: Honestly, if the situation was like right now, and right now you cut off your d*ck… Realistically, I would absolutely do what I can and what I can do to insure that you get your d*ck back because you can’t live without a d*ck, dude!
Daniel Doheny: I wouldcut… Imagine this was a 24 situation — season 2. Like, if I had to.. I mean, sorry, season 3! If I had to cut my hand off to get your d*ck back, I would cut off my hand for sure!
Eduardo Franco: Dude! That is f**king gnarly! Are you sure, dude?
Daniel Doheny: Yeah, for sure, dude! If you didn’t have a d*ck, I would be fine with one hand.
Eduardo Franco: I mean you could get cooler hands…
Daniel Doheny: I could get a robot hand.

Luke Spencer Roberts: There is nothing I would not do!
Sadie Calvano: I think we proved it right here. We are ride or dies!
Luke Spencer Roberts: I think if you are friends, especially your male friends, and don’t go and try as hard as possible. then who the hell are you? Because I would expect  of them only 100% from every friend because God forbid if this ever happens…
Sadie Calvano: So much adrenaline happening that I think there is very little thinking required.
Luke Spencer Roberts: If I found out someone who didn’t give 100%, then you are done and dead to me!
Sadie Calvano: You are on the banned list! [Laughs]

2. What was your initial reaction to the script? It had to raise some eyebrows.
Daniel Doheny: It was pretty easy to tell all my friends what kind of movie I was doing. Everyone immediately was excited to watch it. It’s about a guy who gets his d*ck cut off, and everyone wants to watch it!
Eduardo Franco: My ,om was initially like, “What’s up, why are you only doing d*ck shit?!”
Daniel Doheny: Yeah, my mom was concerned that I was the one… She was very happy that I wasn’t the one whose d*ck was being cut off. I think she called it a member or something like that! She was like, “I hope your member is fine.”

Sadie Calvano: I think the initial reaction was shock because I don’t think anyone has seen anything like it. But it is super refreshing when you read a comedy script, and you are laughing out loud the whole time that you are reading it. So I was very excited to jump on board.
Luke Spencer Roberts: I heard about it before actually, just in passing from other friends. Because when you are an actor sometimes you audition with your friends, and so I heard about it and then was sent it and wanted to do it. But for me, it was the scene where Donnie pulls it out of the toilet. When I read that and read it on the airplane. I laughed! The guy next to me looks over, and I was like, ‘I want to do it!’ And then the line that I believe made the film was, “It was only supposed to be camping.” Which was mine that I improvised myself…

3. What was the audition process like? Did you all audition for the characters you were cast in?
Daniel Doheny: Yeah, I did! I auditioned in Vancouver, and I came in and auditioned in LA, too. So then I did a tape as well. So I was auditioning for the role I got the whole time.
Eduardo Franco: I auditioned for Jeremy first. It was a self tape. Then they called me in to read for Jeremy and Donnie, and then after that I got called back in to read again and that was for Jeremy, and I met up with Jake, and Jake was there. That was it…

Sadie Calvano: No! Actually, originally, I auditioned for Geraldine’s role but quickly that took a turn, and shortly after that I met Luke and Geraldine at the chemistry read and booked the job on Friday and by Monday we were in Canada shooting. Yeah, quick whirlwind!
Luke Spencer Roberts: I read the script, which originally was called Eggplant Emoji, on a airplane to New York City. When I got to New York City, I called my friend and said, “Can they do this?” And my people were like, “Yes, they can. They are going to do it, and that is why we sent it to you!” I was like, “Yeah I’ll do it.” I then did a tape, then I did another tape, and that brought me back here which I thought was cool because I live here. They were pretty nice and let me have the job.

4. The friendships on screen seem so real. Were any of you guys friends before starting the project?
Eduardo Franco: No, that is just the magic of casting dude!
Daniel Doheny: Natural chemistry!
Eduardo Franco: Straight up, dude! That is why those people make their money because it is their job to make sure that sh*t works! And it’s crazy when that sh*t don’t work.
Daniel Doheny: It’s like, how do you screw it up? How many people audition for movies to screw it up?
Eduardo Franco: My thing is how do they know it is going to work?
Daniel Doheny: You got to take a little extra time to at least get in the room together to see if they get along, you know what I mean?

Luke Spencer Roberts: We met at the chemistry read…
Sadie Calvano: So a long history, a long history of chemistry reading… But it was really a privledge to work with a cast and show up and play and call it a job.
Luke Spencer Roberts: I mean this was, especially for me, a huge opportunity and lesson because Sadie is one of the most talented people I have ever met and then you go to Eduardo Franco, who I am still not convinced is a human being. It’s just insane, and then you have Daniel Doheny, who is just a warm and kind-hearted person. He is from Vancouver and brings a lot of energy to set, and then you have Geraldine, who is one of the great new people on the scene right now. It was a thing where every single person was incredible and for me I was just like, “Wow!”
Sadie Calvano: And I have been able to remain in a friendship with Geraldine after this and Luke. It was really a blessing because Geraldine was the only girl on the set at times, and we were able to create a friendship. I hope that reads when people see the movie. I hope people are happy when they see the movie. I hope people have as much fun or have a sliver of as much fun watching it as we did making it. Then we have done our job!

5. What was it like filming out in the wilderness?
Eduardo Franco: I don’t think there was setbacks for us the actors. Maybe for crew and everything else happening behind the camera. But they sure as hell didn’t make any show of it. Everybody was so professional and on top of their f**king game. It was never like, “We can’t light here!” It was all worked out. It was just definitely cold as f**k sometimes! But for the others they had to jump in water and stuff.
Daniel Doheny: We got pretty lucky, actually. We filmed in Canada in September and October. Especially in Vancouver, we are surprised it didn’t rain even more. We were pretty lucky it was warm. It was still cold in a T-shirt and shorts most of the time. It could of been way colder!

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