'The Proposal' Update: Michael Neely And Ashley Joyce Get Engaged, But Their Current Status Isn't So Rosy

What’s the latest on ‘The Proposal’ couple Michael Neely and Ashley Joyce?

Monday night’s episode of The Proposal on ABC featured a man who had been on the other side of the show in an earlier episode. Michael Neely didn’t find love with Latoya Blakely, but he was back and hoping to find the woman of his dreams on his terms. He shocked many viewers by his pick, and now the series is sharing the couple’s status.

Michael Neely caught the attention of many viewers when he was on Latoya Blakely’s episode a few weeks ago. She picked Tyler MacKay, and as the Inquisitr has shared, the two have enjoyed slowly getting to know one another. In fact, per a recent update from Latoya via Instagram, it sounds as if they are still together and that Latoya is planning to move to Los Angeles where Tyler is in the near future.

As for Michael’s return experience, he whittled his group of ladies down to Jasmyn Alston and Ashley Joyce. The Proposal suitor ended up choosing Ashley over Jasmyn, a choice that stunned a lot of people in the audience as well as viewers watching from home. Ashley hesitated for a moment and then accepted the proposal, and the show shared an update on the couple via Twitter after the show.

Ashley and Michael, the post shares, loved getting to know one another after filming their episode. However, the Proposal pair ultimately decided that they were better off as friends and they are no longer together. The news apparently doesn’t come as a surprise to many fans of the ABC series, as it looks like most believe he should have picked Jasmyn.

Heading into Monday night’s episode, Ashley did hype her appearance quite a bit via her Instagram page. After it aired, she answered a few questions from followers via her Instagram Stories. She said that while she’s not still with Michael, she enjoyed the experience and getting to know him. She said that she was quite nervous up on the stage and felt as if she couldn’t relax and just be herself.

There had been some buzz swirling around social media that Ashley had posted something on Instagram about not wanting to be picked but then deleted it quickly. When asked about that, she simply said that she hadn’t expected to be picked. The Proposal winner added that she felt that Michael had a strong connection with Jasmyn and that she saw it along with everybody else.

Several couples from this debut season of ABC’s The Proposal are still together, even though Michael Neely and Ashley Joyce weren’t meant to go the distance. Another new episode airs on Monday, August 27 and fans cannot wait to see who ends up together next.

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