The Voice contestant believes Meghan is doing 'more' than the other judges

The Voice contestant Brook Scullion believes her mentor Meghan Trainor is doing ‘more’ than the other judges and said she ‘Facetimes and messages her constantly’.

The 20-year-old has gone from strength to strength during the competition and after getting four turns during the blind auditions, she will now face the knock out rounds tonight.

But when it came to picking a judge, Brooke told that it was a difficult decision to make although she admitted that she connected the most with Meghan.

The All About That Bass singer is a new addition to the judging panel this year after Jennifer Hudson decided to take some time away from the show, but what does Brooke think of her as a judge.?

‘She has been a brilliant addition, she wants to make an impact and she wants to make a difference to hopefully my life and a lot of the others,’ she told

‘And I know that she’s doing things for us that a lot of the judges aren’t.

She got us all a jacket, she Facetimes us and constantly messages me, likes she’s a legend, she is so cool.’

The Bellaghy-based singer and actor had been performing ever since she was a child.

Brooke, not only wowed the judges during her first audition with Lewis Capaldi’s hit song Bruises, but she also won The Battle stages where she went against pal Jordan Phillips.

And despite proudly being on Team Meghan, Brooke revealed she was going to go with another judge.

‘I had always gone with the idea of Tom Jones because he is an icon,’ she said.

‘But when I was on stage and I was talking with the coaches, I connected most with Meghan.

‘She is everything I look for as an artist, and everything I would aspire to be. She’s body-positive, she’s a brilliant role model for children and her reputation hasn’t been tarnished.’

‘I am fascinated by her and you should see her when she’s working she’s a pure boss, it’s unreal,’ she added.

The Voice airs on Saturdays at 8.30pm on ITV.

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