‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Monday, August 20: Nick Reveals He’s Billy’s Landlord!

After burying the hatchet with Billy, Nick throws down the gauntlet.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, August 20, brings a big surprise for Billy, an awkward moment for Ashley, and shared friendship for Mariah.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) expressed his doubts about purchasing the leasing company that Billy (Jason Thompson) used to rent the “Jabotique” stores. Jack (Peter Bergman) asked him to think about it, and pointed out that despite the possible personal scores the company might settle for both of them, the company still made for a valuable investment.

Later, Nick had words with Summer (Hunter King) over at the Dive Bar. He asked his daughter why she felt so interested in her mom’s boyfriend. Then, Nick suggested that perhaps Summer had a crush on Phyllis’ man, Billy. Although she denied it, Summer took off. When Nick headed to the club, he saw Billy and suggested that they bury the hatchet. Billy agreed, and then Nick sprung the shocking news — he’s “Jabotique’s” new landlord, and he wanted to ensure their relationship got started on the right foot. Jack showed up and was thrilled with the details of Nick’s new acquisition for Dark Horse.

At the Dive Bar, Jack updated Ashley (Eileen Davidson) about Billy’s newest landlord, and Ashley hoped that Nick would cancel the leases. Meanwhile, Summer cornered Billy in an elevator and tried to force him to admit he has feelings for her. Billy denied that he cared and asked her to stop playing games. When she pushed, Billy realized that perhaps in a different world then maybe he’d feel something, but then said “game over” when the elevator door opened and he left.

Meanwhile, after Devon (Bryton James) decided to work from home when Neil (Kristoff St. John) pushed him to work with Lily (Christel Khalil), Mariah (Camryn Grimes) showed up at his house to check on him. She found her boss looking at a photo of Hilary. Devon told her how tough his life without Hilary has been, and then explained that he packed up Hilary’s clothes to donate to charity. Mariah said, “She’d hate that,” but she helped him with the difficult task.

While they were reminiscing about Hilary, Mariah received a text, and she confided her worries about Tessa to Devon. He advised her to find Tessa, and in the end, Devon also decided not to party with Hilary’s clothes just yet.

Finally, Neil and Ashley dealt with the somewhat awkward aftermath of their night together. Nate (Darnell Brooks) gave Neil the advice to enjoy having a life of his own outside of his kids’ problems.

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