Tipping Point fans heartbroken as contestant dies after filming ITV show
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    Fans of Tipping Point were left heartbroken on Wednesday (November 2), after it was announced that a contestant who appeared on the show had sadly passed away since filming.

    Confident Rav showcased brilliant general knowledge and hoped to win big on the popular ITV show hosted by Ben Shephard.

    But fans were left stunned when they were informed that Rav had passed away after filming the episode he appeared on.

    Releasing the information of his passing on Twitter, the official Tipping Point Twitter page wrote: "After the recording of this programme, we spoke with Rav’s family who shared the sad news of his passing.

    "Everyone at Tipping Point would like to extend their sincerest sympathies."

    The tweet also included a snap of presenter Ben standing happily alongside Rav on the Tipping Point set.

    After seeing the unexpected tweet, fans rushed to Twitter to share their condolences.

    One viewer wrote: "Just watching now, cannot believe what I have just read. So sad."

    Another penned: "That's vary sad….very sorry to read this."

    A third wrote: "Very sad news indeed," followed by a crying face emoji.

    Meanwhile a fourth penned: "This is why I think the #TippingPoint & #TheChase feeds are the best. Yes, we have banter, yes we can be very picky, yes we are sometimes a little cruel. BUT, we do actually care about the contestants & their families. RIP Rav. x"

    Rav did very well for himself on the quizzing show and managed to beat off his competitors Hayley and Liam.

    Despite being the lowest scoring player in round, Rav had his way with the famous machine and managed to receive a number of counters.

    When asked by Ben what he would most likely want to spend his winnings on if he was get the jackpot counter, Rav shared that he would love to go on a safari in Kenya or hot air balloon ride over the Grand Canyon National Park.

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