Toyah visits Eva to deliver some shocking news about their baby scheme in Corrie

Toyah Battersby is worried that her baby scheme has been rumbled in tonight’s Coronation Street.

She visits Eva Price, who is in hiding in a remote cottage, to reveal the bad news that their secret could be about to be exposed.

Nasty Simon, who overheard a private conversation, continues to blackmail Toyah and makes her pretend she misplaced the missing £20 note.

The teenager is cleared of being a thief and even gets an apology from his parents Leanne and Peter.

Feeling worried, Toyah heads over to the cottage and admits their big secret is under threat from the troublesome schoolboy.

Meanwhile, Michelle invites all the Connor clan round for a big family meal, which leads to a dramatic discovery.

Furious Michelle finds out that her Ali and Carla have been having been seeing each other.

Everyone is sent home so that Michelle can have a showdown with her best friend to ask what’s been going on with her biological son.

Elsewhere, Kate heads round to see Rana, who is suffering from the flu, so they can spend some quality time together.

Bu trouble is heading their way as Alya bumps into Rana’s parents and invites them into the house.

Will Alya discover that her flat mate is seeing her best friend?

Also tonight, Eileen’s friends start to grow concerned for her wellbeing as she hasn’t been seen for days.

But she soon has a revelation and decides to pull herself together for Summer’s sake.

Finally, Daniel finally manages to track down Vinny’s mum Flora – the forgotten victim of Pat Phelan.

*Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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