Transhumanist says people will be able to upload themselves onto Cloud by 2042

A transhumanist has insisted that people will be able to upload themselves onto the Cloud by 2042 – but also issued a stark warning.

American journalist Zoltan Istvan said that humans will be able to download many versions of themselves onto the internet.

He also suggested that people will be able to download happiness.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today via videolink, he also said that there would also be a lot of things to worry about with the new technology.

"Some people want thousands of copies of themselves," he told hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Richard Madeley. "Some want to be half human, half robot… I think most of us will be uploaded into the Cloud."

Richard Madeley asked what would happen if he was "up there and hated it": "Could I terminate myself?"

Zoltan responded: "We're going to find a world were we can download happiness… I don't think most people are going to be unhappy happy."

But he said that there was "very real worry" about "getting hacked when you have a robot heart or bionic eyes".

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