TV picks for Saturday, August 18: Ice Bridge: the Impossible Journey, The Split, NCIS: New Orleans


***1/2 three and a half stars

Ice Bridge

Ice Bridge

8.30pm, SBS

As Horrible Histories on ABC ME is wont to remind us, history is a fluid thing, subject to re-interpretation and change. The archaeologists digging into a crumbling cliff on Chesapeake Bay certainly take this view, challenging, as they are, conventional notions about when humans first arrived in North America. Emotive dramatisations, CGI imagery and quaint illustrations help explain their hypothesis about Ice Age migration from Europe.

Meera Syal in The Split.

Meera Syal in The Split.


Series premiere ****1/2 four and a half stars

8.15pm, ABC

The intense drama of the family court is mined with excellent results in this engaging series starring Nicola Walker as a conscientious London lawyer juggling familial dynamics of her own that look set to explode. The clever premise allows for the thrashing out of some ethical dilemmas. The case of divorcee, Goldie (Meera Syal, pictured), promises some serious fireworks.


*** three stars

10pm, Ten

Location is everything in this Southern arm of the NCIS franchise. Throughout the case of the day we are constantly reminded of it with sweaty brows, luscious foliage, and all that jazz. The sultry setting doesn't take the edge off tonight's frenetic policing, however, which involves a megalomaniacal mastermind's plan to set up the boss, and some neatly choreographed mean-girl fisticuffs. Beware the shock ending.

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