Ulrika Jonsson strips off fully NAKED for sexy garden snap showing off her tan and tattoos

ULRIKA Jonnson has stripped down totally naked to enjoy the British sunshine – wearing nothing except a pair of wellies.

The 53-year-old TV presenter showed off her inked arms and stuck a flower in her blonde hair as she posed holding her wheelbarrow.

Showing she's still got it, Ulrika displayed her curves and impressive tan as she did a spot of gardening – albeit totally NAKED.

Baring all, she stood amongst the sprawling countryside in her green, knee-high welly boots as she gently leaned against the empty wheelbarrow.

Placing an orange flower behind her ear, Ulrika let her blonde locks flow down her shoulders and accessorised with silver jewellery.

The model gave fans a look at her two inkings in her arm, after she was recently tattooed with a tribute to her late dog Nessie.

She told fans she was "baring herself" to celebrate hitting a milestone number of followers, and to support bereavement support charity StrongMen.

The star has been showing off her body of late, as she was recently pictured relaxing in her garden in a tiny string-bikini.

It comes as part of the star clapping back against a fan who commented on her weight, telling them: “I am a bit thin but trying to put weight on.”

Ulrika added: "I don’t have an eating disorder but I think the constant commenting on women’s size is unhelpful.

"I spend my life cooking, eating and feeding. I’m trying to put on weight just not nice to hear unhelpful comments but I see where you are coming from. Sending you lots of love."

In the past Ulrika has been very open about her weight struggles after dropping to just seven and a half stone while suffering from a degenerative disc disease.

The star lost her appetite completely back in 2011 while struggling with the pain, which led to depression. 

Speaking previously, she said: “I would estimate that at my lowest, I weighed around seven-and-a-half-stone.

“It was this suggestion that I was inflicting all this on myself willingly that got to me… it was incredibly frustrating because the suggestion that I would risk my health for the perfect body goes against everything I've ever believed in.

“I've never been obsessed about the way my body looks – all I've ever wanted is to be healthy, because without our health, we have nothing.”

She added: “I had lost my hunger not just for food, but for life. Food is a happy thing for me and I was desperately unhappy, so there was no quick fix solution of hearty meals.”

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