The Walking Dead star Tom Payne says Carl's death "throws a hand grenade" into the show

Carl’s death in The Walking Dead may have happened a few weeks ago now, but we’re not over it, you’re not over it, the cast aren’t over it, and the creator… actually he’s pretty over it.

His exit is shocking for multitude of reasons: he’s still alive in the comics and he just seemed like a character that was so important and had more to give that he couldn’t be written out.

Now it seems like anyone is fair game, or as Jesus actor Tom Payne puts it: “It throws a hand grenade into the show.”

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media outlets, the star said: “You can predict certain things from the comic books and certain things have happened and played out, but [Carl’s death] really does change everything up. For everyone.

“We all kind of had an idea of where the show might go. I definitely said in the past that Carl or Chandler [Riggs, his actor] was the future of the show, and that made absolute sense.

“It’s a big change,” he continued. “Always on the show when people leave, the group dynamic changes just naturally on-screen and off-screen.

“And not to have a young voice who’s been there since the very beginning was kind of weird.”

Payne, alongside fellow cast members and interviewees Austin Amelio (Dwight) and Ross Marquand (Aaron) all said that every cast member is now constantly on their toes.

“If Carl dies, then anyone’s fair game,” Tom added. “We all definitely thought that he was never going to die.”

Eagle-eyed viewers managed to transcribe most of Carl’s letter to big bad guy Negan, and you can read that right here.

The Walking Dead continues this Sunday (March 11) on AMC in the US and Monday (March 12) on Fox in the UK.

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