Who Wants To Be A Millionaire reboot will allow contestants to probe Jeremy Clarkson

The rebooted gameshow, which starts on Saturday, will allow contestants to probe new host Jeremy Clarkson, for help with an answer.

The existing lifelines Phone A Friend, Ask The Audience and 50:50 remain in place.

A telly source said of the Top Gear host: “Bosses think that the new twist will add a fun dimension to the show and viewers will enjoy seeing Jeremy squirming as he is put on the spot.

“He won’t be wearing an in-ear speaker or be able to see the answers, so it’ll be using his genuine general knowledge.

“He’s a bit worried as he could be the reason that someone goes home without anything.”


Another new dimension I can reveal is producers will allow contestants to bank their prize money when they want after amassing at least £1,000, rather than at set £1,000 and £32,000 marks.

My source explained: “It will mean the contestant is less likely to go home empty-handed.”


Peter shares filming secret

Peter Kay’s Car Share Unscripted is shaping up to be one of the TV highlights of the year.

The funnyman takes to the wheel with co-star Sian Gibson on Monday at 10pm for the penultimate episode of the BBC1 sitcom – and improvising their lines did not daunt them.

Peter, who cancelled his tour due to “unforeseen ­family circumstances”, said: “We just reacted to whatever came on the radio and just went with it, good or bad.

“We hope people like it.”

Fans can get a look inside the show’s Fiat 500, above, which has a rig of five cameras inside.

The show won’t disappoint – it’s Peter at his best.


It's hol over for Derren

TWO months ago I revealed that ITV comedy Benidorm was set for the chop – only to face a barrage of abuse online from the show’s writer Derren Litten.

This week he was forced to admit what I knew all along, that the show has been axed after a decade on TV. He wrote on Twitter: “Crazy to think Wednesday will be the last episode of Benidorm. I created the series over 11 years ago . . .

“It’s difficult to think what else there is to do. Thank you for watching.”
I hate to say I told you so, Derren . . .

Amanda doesn't mind a gap

BRITAIN’S Got Talent boss Simon Cowell will be pleased he need not shell out any extra in the wake of the gender pay gap row – as show judge Amanda Holden is happy with her lot.

In a radio interview on Sunday night, she said: “I think if I tried to get the same fee as Simon, I don’t think I’d manage that – because there is an argument for people, whether they’re male or female, who are valued more.

“Glenn Close, in a movie, isn’t going to get the same as if I was in the movie with her. There’s the argument, the reverse argument, and I think that stands.

“Simon is more important to them than I am and that’s a fact. I’ve never complained about the money, I’m just lucky to have the gig after 12 years still.”
It’s a refreshing point of view that will no doubt please the boss.



Then there’s a meeting with Graham, and she kisses him on impulsive.

Elsewhere, Charity is consumed by an obsession with DI Bails and follows him home, finally getting a glimpse of his perfect life.

In Eastenders, Phil offers Max a cash bribe to leave Walford and is confronted by unhappy Arches customer Henry about what happened with Sharon and Keanu.

Meanwhile, Whitney tries again with Halfway but is frustrated that he seems to be hiding something. Kim tries to put on a brave face after a guilty Phil offers her money.

  • TONIGHT’S 5 News is being replaced by a one-off TV show, Stillbirth: Still A Taboo, to highlight an issue affecting millions of women. The studio audience will include Ben Fogle's wife Marina, who lost a son to stillbirth in 2014.
  • IT was the cult hit of 2017 but the next series of People Just Do Nothing will be the last. BBC2 has confirmed the fifth run of the comedy, set in a London pirate radio station, will air later this year and see the Bafta-winner go out with a bang.

Must watch

WHAT? The Split, BBC1, 9pm.

WHY? The tension is ramped up in the second part of this drama, starring Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan, about a family of high-flying divorce lawyers.

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