Was Kanye West banned from Twitter?

KANYE West had a tweet removed from his Twitter account on Wednesday after he shared the private information of Forbes chief content officer Randall Lane. 

The rapper has been on a tweet storm against Universal Music in an effort to gain the rights to his music master copies.

Here is more on the tweets Kanye West has been sharing.

Why was Kanye West’s tweet banned on Twitter? 

Kanye West shared private information of Forbes chief content officer Randall Lane.

The tweet allegedly contained Randall’s cell phone number and said: “If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist … this is the editor of Forbes.”

Twitter immediately flagged and removed the tweet from his page as it “violated the Twitter rules” per the site’s policy. 

Randall has not tweeted since Tuesday and it is unclear if he reached out to Kanye in private regarding his tweet.

What has he been tweeting? 

The rapper also shared a video on Twitter that showed him peeing on his Grammy while it lies on the toilet.

The video captioned “Trust me … I won’t stop” comes after a massive tweet storm against Universal Music claiming that they do not want to give him a cost of how much his master copies are worth because “they know I can afford them.”

He claims to want ownership of his masters to then give them to his kids.

It is unclear if he is completely banned from Twitter.

What did Kanye share about Universal Music?

Kanye shared nearly 10 photos of several Universal Music contracts he has acquired claiming that he has received unfair contracts and wants “every lawyer in the world” to look through them.



What did Kanye say about Taylor Swift?

The rapper cried out to Taylor Swift for support on Twitter as he fights to obtain his masters.

"Bono can I get a retweet Love you Paul can I get a retweet love you Drake Kendrick even Taylor We need you right noooooow," he shared.

Taylor is involved in a legal fight with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun after he acquired Big Machine Records – a label she was signed to – and obtained immediate ownership of her master copies.

In a second tweet he added: "When you sign a music deal you sign away your rights. Without the masters you can’t do anything with your own music.

"Someone else controls where it’s played and when it’s played. Artists have nothing accept the fame, touring and merch."

A third tweet read: "The artist deserve to own our masters … artist are starving without tours … Ima go get our masters … for all artist … pray for me."

What did Kanye say about Kim being his lawyer?

The hooded sweater Kanye shared on Twitter about Kim Kardashian West

  • Kanye shared a photo on Twitter of a hooded sweater that read “Kim is my lawyer” and he captioned the post: “Uh ohhhh"
  • Kim Kardashian West has been working on becoming a lawyer and doing an internship with a law firm to prepare for her 2022 California bar exam
  • She has also been a part of several criminal justice cases and has visited the White House to ask President Trump to grant clemency to various convicts

When was Kanye diagnosed with Bipolar disorder?

In 2016, Kanye was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for “exhaustion” and “sleep deprivation.”

It was later shared in an interview with David Letterman that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was held at the psychiatric ward involuntarily.

“They have this moment where they put you, they handcuff you, they drug you, they put you on the bed, and they separate you from everyone you know,” he said.

Kanye was also candid about the issues he had with his diagnosis.

“You have this moment [where] you feel everyone wants to kill you. You pretty much don’t trust anyone,” he said.

“When you’re in this state, you’re hyper-paranoid about everything, everyone.

“This is my experience, other people have different experiences,” he added.

“Everyone now is an actor. Everything’s a conspiracy. You feel the government is putting chips in your head. You feel you’re being recorded. You feel all these things,” he concluded.

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