The ways in which ex-cabinet minister Ed Balls fills his spare time is growing increasingly more entertaining. Now, during the making of his new TV show, he’s only gone and allowed himself to be tasered.

BBC Two’s Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls shows the 51-year-old journeying to America’s deep south, getting an insight into the lives of those who helped place Donald Trump in the presidential hot seat.

Balls has now uploaded a clip from the second episode on Twitter, where he can be seen “joining the 5 second club” if you will.

The caption explains: “Every police officer recruit in Louisiana has to be tasered – it’s called ‘Joining the 5 second club’. You only do it once – it really really hurts… Episode Two of #TravelsInTrumpland is this Sunday at 9pm on @BBCTwo.”

During the video, Balls is physically supported by two policemen before receiving the stun gun treatment. He’s then lifted up off the floor by them once he’s recovered, taking a minute to compose himself once stood back up.

Several fans reacted to Balls’ tweet with impressed but surprised responses.

“Well done for this and for an interesting programme. Brits need to understand why Trump won in all its rationality and variety,” one user wrote.

“Struggling to remember which box on the standard BBC risk assessment one would have to tick for this. Not sure I’d have let you,” another said, while a third tweeted: “I always thought you were bonkers @edballs now you’ve gone and proven it. That said it took some ‘balls’ to take part if you pardon the obvious pun – impressed.”

Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls continues tomorrow (August 5) at 9pm on BBC Two.

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