What's on TV: Monday, September 3

Take Me Out

Seven, Monday, 7.30pm

Perfect Match gets revived in a karaoke bar with a splash of Magic Mike in Seven's excitable new dating series, where a mildly diverse selection of 30 women have to decide whether to keep their light on for a quartet of male contestants.

Joel Creasey, Take Me Out

Joel Creasey, Take Me Out

Host Joel Creasey is the innuendo-laden ringmaster, although the meet market spectacle is apparent from when Troy from Bunbury, West Australia, dances down the catwalk to Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. "You sound a bit bogan," declares the prescient Hanna, but Troy earns a Gold Coast date, with the results aired on the second episode.

The show is raucous, daft, and full of Love Island hopefuls. Plus there's the anthropological study of twenty-something female names: hello to Karly, Ritu, Mikayla, Sheree, Heloise, and Jazzey. CM

The Body Coach

SBS, 8.40pm

Joe Wicks has "reshaped the bodies of thousands", but thankfully he's a fitness and diet guru rather than a psychopathic plastic surgeon. The London-based social media star – he has Instagram-worthy hair and Facebook-friendly concepts – is adding workouts to Jamie Oliver's kitchen kookiness with a splash of Russell Brand's accent.

On this episode he's sorting out over 90 days the bodies – and outlooks – of four hopefuls struggling with their health, self-image, or wayward intakes. His hook, apart from that hair, is that he believes in short training sessions and dismisses dieting in favour of cooking real food.

Wicks is an affable geezer, and he'll happily join in a dance class to reward one protege who has made good progress or try out a catchphrase like "they are naughty!" – referring to a healthy baked treat – in exuberant close-up. Is anything he's advocating radical? No. Willit motivate you to make a change? Probably not. Will you get an Austin Powers vibe? Probably. CM

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