Who Is James Bonsall (aka Mystery Box Dude) on Katie Thurston's Season of 'The Bachelorette'?

Hello and welcome to Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, where there are vibrators, blow-up sex dolls, and men in mystery boxes galore! Not quite sure how to explain those first two, but we do know the identity of the mystery box man after last night’s premiere—it’s James Bonsall.

Since James clearly must be full of personality to show up on Katie’s season in a literal present box (aka him basically saying he is a gift), it’s time we get to know everything about him before he either (a) becomes the season villain or (b) the season goofball, LOL. You’re welcome!

But first, here’s what James looks like:

James is actually…English?

James’s passport—which for some reason he posted to his Instagram—tells an interesting story. In the comments section of his post, James revealed he was “born in London, but I have NZ [New Zealand] citizenship. My dad grew up in Auckland.” The more you know!


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James spent a good portion of his life in New York.

There isn’t too much info on exactly where in New York James spent his time, but! It is worth mentioning that he attended the State University of New York for undergrad, and later got his degree in 2013 for Sport Management.

He currently works as a software salesman.

James has moved around quiiiiite a bit for work—he previously held roles at Calvin Klein, The Esteé Lauder Company, Equinox, and Cintas while living in New York City, but later moved to Stamford, Connecticut to work at a company called Paychex. A year later, James moved to San Diego, California (where’s he’s now based) to work as a software salesman/human capital management person for Paycor, according to his LinkedIn.

He loves working out.

That’s if his many Instagram pictures are any indicator…


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He’s interested in a energetic girl.

Is that Katie? Only time will tell, but here’s what James’s official Bachelorette bio says:

And that’s about all the dirt we have on James. Keep your eye on him juuuust in case he has any other hilarious surprises up his sleeve.

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