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BRITAIN'S Got Talent is back with its fantastic mix of diverse talent and British originality all hoping to impress.

Simon Cowell and the BGT judges were left in tears by Jon's original song about his late father, which earned him a firm place in the final.

Who is Jon Courtenay?

Jon Courtenay is a 46-year-old musical comedian from Mosley, Manchester.

He is a father of two great lads and has had a career as a bit of a showman for most of his life.

On his YouTube account, Jon describes himself as "a piano-playing funny guy who writes songs, parodies, does stand-up and loves singing songs written years before I was born."

Before wowing the crowds at BGT Mr Courtenay has been playing gigs around the country and abroad.

Jon has been playing piano since he was only five years old.

An early interest in magic led to him touring hotels and theatres as a comedy magician and has taken him abroad as an act to Spain and Cyprus as well as a few tours on cruise ships.

Over the years he swapped magic for piano but kept the cheeky family friendly humour.

He describes his performances as "a truly original experience for every audience with music from jazz to classical to rock & roll along with original songs and parodies plus hilarious tales of his family, relationships and his life traveling the world."

You can see more of Jon on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

What happened during Jon's performance?

Jon impressed the judges with his witty and touching song about his childhood.

He told the audience: "Amazing to be here, I sung a song about being a dad, tonight I want to take you further to when I was a kid."

During his audition Jon performed an original comedy song whilst playing the piano while his two nerve-wracked sons, Nathan and Alfie, watched from the audience.

Judge Ashley told him: "We need another golden buzzer! To press it right now. There's an incredible connection you have, it's funny and touching. I couldn't fault it.

"It was magical and done so simply. It made me feel so warm inside. You nailed it my friend."

Referencing his kids, the judges, his wife, Emmah, and with a cheeky thumbs up toward Ant and Dec, he "had us moved to tears".

His personal story "in third person so he won't get nervous" had the audience welled up, then, as he finished, the Paladium erupted. His eldest ran to the stage and bombed him with a hug, it was a very emotional moment.

During his performance Jon charmed, then blew the judges away, but his biggest fans were waiting in the wings when Ant and Dec stepped in and smashed their Golden Buzzer.


Honouring his father, who passed away on Boxing Day 2013, he said: “Dad was still laughing until his final bow, and the memories of him make us laugh even now.

"Mum said,  ‘never give up’ and she knows I love her, but even she never dreamed I’d get a Golden Buzzer. Just like I watched my mum and her dreams come true now, she gets to be on TV, virtually, mum take a bow.’”

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