X Factor contestant creates 'The Paper Drop' – but some viewers don't think he should have been given a second chance

We’ve all heard of a mic drop, but on tonight’s episode of The X Factor (September 2), singer Brendan Murray created what shall now forever be referred to as a ‘paper drop’.

The 21-year-old Irishman failed to impress the judges with his performance of ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’, with Simon Cowell suggesting it was the wrong song choice.

Cowell then advised him to sing ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush. And having only had a couple of hours to learn the lyrics, Brendan repeatedly froze on stage before being told he could sing from the sheet.

Eventually finding the confidence to sing on his own, Brendan screwed up the sheet and dropped it on the floor, causing the audience to have some sort of out-of-body experience and applaud loudly.

Some viewers at home, however, weren’t that impressed by the paper drop and didn’t think Brendan should have been given a second chance…

One viewer tweeted: “Allow me to drop the paper with lyrics, that I was clearly finding too difficult to remember AND YET MAGICALLY DIDN’T NEED IT TOWARDS THE END FOR A PERFECTLY TIMED SHOT OF CRUMPLED PAPER AS HE OVERCAME DIFFICULTIES.”

While another wrote: “How many chances does he get? Not fair on the others really considering he’s already a well known singer as he has a blue tick next to his name on Twitter.”

Some viewers, however, were more impressed by Brendan’s performance and were glad he was given another opportunity to impress.

Others had a more, erm, philosophical take on Brendan’s memory troubles:

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen Brendan before, he was previously a member of Irish boyband Hometown – and in 2017, he was Ireland’s hopeful at Eurovision, performing ‘Dying to Try’ in the semi-finals in Kiev.

The X Factor continues next Saturday (September 9) on ITV.

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