You Can Watch Netflix Remotely With Friends and Family Using 'Netflix Party'

As we follow the rules of self-isolation and self-quarantine during this international health emergency, people are looking for ways to occupy their time outside of remote work.

Dancing, cooking, and watching TV are what’s keeping a lot of us busy, and your favorite streaming platforms are also helping to pass the hours.

While viewers are being prepped to see early releases of films via video-on-demand services, Netflix remains a reliable go-to in these times.

There’s even a workaround being shared online that enables users to watch in a group format – all from the comfort of their individual homes.

‘Netflix Party’ tool helps people watch content together

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to share your Netflix viewing experience remotely like a Netflix-and-Chill version of Fortnite, there’s something you can do.

A Chrome extension called “Netflix Party” will give you multi-viewer access so you and your crew can share the joy of watching your favorite content at the same time.

Netflix Party launched this month and is described by the developer as: “a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat.”

Two things you need to know: This is NOT a Netflix creationand you must be using the Chrome browser.

How do you activate ‘Netflix Party’?

Over 1,000,000 users have installed the tool, and you too can have group watch parties while binge-watching Ozark, Stranger Things, Lucifer, or anything else. The first step is to install the extension by visiting the Chrome web store.

You then have the option of throwing the party yourself or joining one. If you are the host, log into your Netflix account and start a video stream.

Click the “NP” icon, “start party,” and copy the URL to share with your homies. If you’re a party guest, simply open the URL the host sent, and then click the “NP” symbol.

Let the good times and live chat roll.

This isn’t the first time Netflix Party has been around

Some fans point out that in the past, this was an option onXbox Live. You’d choose an avatar and wait until the viewing festivities began,but the Netflix Party soon died out without a word on the platform.

With this version, users can select an icon, name, and go crazy with emojis. In this time of social distancing, some Netflix users are excited about the prospect of sharing their screen with loved ones.

You don’t have to call your friend or FaceTime your mom to sync up TV shows or movies for binge sessions. It works out perfectly for those who plan on joining the Beyoncé Homecoming watch party.

If you miss your significant other right now, Netflix Party could be a way to spend some quality time together – virtually. Don’t forget, you can also connect your mobile device to your TV by casting it or using the proper HDMI cable.

If you can’t use Netflix Party, there’s something else

Metastream is another web browser extension that is compatible with Chrome or Firefox. It works similar to Netflix Party.

In addition to watching Netflix, it provides group syncing/viewing access for content on YouTube, Hulu, Twitch, and the anime favorite, Crunchyroll. It’s also free and works by sharing a URL with your fellow watch partygoers.

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