Aaron Campbell granted appeal against life sentence for Alesha Macphail murder

THE teen killer of Alesha MacPhail has today been granted an appeal against his life sentence.

Aaron Campbell, 16, was jailed to life with a minimum of 27 years over the brutal killing of six-year-old Alesha on Scotland's Isle of Bute last year.

A court spokesman confirmed Campbell has been granted leave to appeal the life sentence handed down by Lord Matthews at the High Court in Glasgow in March.

The hearing date has been set for August 7 at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Little Alesha had been abducted from her bed while watching a Peppa Pig DVD in July last year.

Her mutilated body was found in woods on the Isle of Bute hours after her devastated family woke up to find she was missing.

Campbell – who denied the crimes during trial – admitted the rape and murder for the first time ahead of sentencing at Glasgow's High Court.

Details of his confession were read to the court, in which he said Alesha had woken up in his arms as he carried her away from her family's holiday home at 2am.

He told a psychologist  "all I thought about was killing her" when he walked in on Alesha sleeping after breaking into her home.

The court had also heard of the teen's obsession with the creepy fictional character Slender Man – also fixated on video games and torturing cats.

Caging Campbell, Lord Matthews branded him a cold and calculated individual who had shown "not a flicker of remorse" during the trial.

During his sentencing, Lord Matthews took into consideration Campbell's "arrogance and callousness".

He had also warned the teen he may never be released.

After Campbell was sentenced, investigators revealed they feared he was a serial killer in the making who would have struck again.

Alesha's tormented mum launched herself at the monster who killed her six-year-old daughter and branded him a "vile rat" as he smirked at her during sentencing.

Mum Georgina Lochrane recently opened up about her daughter's death, revealed "there are days I don't want to be here".

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