Amateur baker makes life-sized cake versions of her TWIN DAUGHTERS

AN AMATEUR baker spent 120 hours creating life-sized cake replicas of her twin daughters to celebrate their first birthday.

Dedicated Lara Mason, 31, painstakingly built the edible versions of little Lily and Lyla over the course of three weeks – all because she wanted to do something "special" for their birthday.

Lara, a customer service advisor, said: "The twins first birthday was coming up and I felt like I had to do something special for them.

The two cakes took a whopping 44 eggs, 2.2kg of flour, and 4kg of buttercream to make.

"It's the most critical I have ever been while making 'cake people' because I feel like I did such a good job making them so cute in the first place.

"What other kids get to say that their mum made them life-size cakes of themselves for their first birthday?

"It's a Madeira cake, and took around 120 hours of work, the main work was the icing and that was completed this last week.

"The hardest part was the hair, which is made out of pulled sugar and each individual strand was made separately.

"I posted the pictures of the cakes on social media to show friends and family and they all love it.

"The girls have pretty much destroyed the cakes now, it only lasted about five minutes in the ring with those two

"They thought the cakes were dolls, and enjoyed their time with the cakes, they weren't fussed or scared of them.

"People keep asking me what am I going to do for their second birthday.

"But I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, you'll just have to wait and see."

Lara, of Walsall, West Midlands, started making cakes as a hobby for friends and family.

They were so impressed with her designs, they urged her to enter the Cake International competition for November 2013.

She picked up gold with her first entry, a 5ft 5in replica of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Lara added: "I've just tried to make bigger and better cakes. I just love coming up with new ideas.

"Teaching baking is what I'd love to do in the future, I'd like to pass on what I know to others so they can make their own creations."

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