Bizarre moment Covid conscious pensioner mistakes slushy machine for HAND SANITISER at petrol station

THIS is the bizarre moment a Covid conscious pensioner mistook a slushy machine for hand sanitiser at a petrol station. 

CCTV footage shared online shows the elderly shopper strolling into a service station after filling up on Tuesday. 

Wearing a face mask he stops in the doorway and has a good look around for the hand gel. 

He quickly spots two clear containers with blue and red liquid next to the door beside a stack of birthday cards. 

He squeezes the handle and begins rubbing his hands – with ice cold raspberry slush. 

The footage is now being shared widely online. 


Rhian Dizzee said: "Poor bugger just trying to do the right thing – he could have someone really poorly at home.”

Chris Wood said: "Better effort than half the young hard nuts who don’t give a s*** about sanitisation.”

And Andrea Louise Batty wrote: "God bless his little heart, one thing his hands still will be clean – sticky but clean – melted my heart this."

Lisa Hogan added: “God love him.”

But one person couldn't help but laugh, writing: “I know for a fact I’m going straight to hell for laughing as hard as I did at this!!! 

“Please pray for me!  I’m so sorry people.”

It is not clear where the video was taken. 

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