Bizarre moment two naked men attack cyclist & knock him off bike before walking off in nude

A BRAZEN pair of naked men have been caught on camera attacking a cyclist in broad daylight in a busy London street.

The bizarre incident shows the two leaving the Elephant & Castle tube station, with one donning a pair of pants but the other completely nude.

Both of the men can be seen crossing the street at the traffic lights at around 2.30pm yesterday afternoon.

The man wearing underwear then takes a running jump at a passing cyclist and knocks him from his bike.

A witness reportedly saw the duo walking towards a roundabout in the area where they were then arrested by cops.

It is unclear why the pair decided to streak through the capital naked, or if they stripped after leaving the tube station.

The Sun has contacted the Metropolitan Police for a comment on the incident.

Both men didn’t bother to check if the cyclist is ok, and then continue to walk down the street.

Guy Strafford-Taylor, who recorded the clip, can be heard letting out a slight laugh in shock at what he had just witnessed. 

He said he had begun filming the pair after he noticed they were naked and they were “shouting and causing a scene”. 

After they knocked the cyclist off their bike, he pulled over and checked to see if the rider was ok. 

He told MailOnline: “Once I started driving again I saw them walking down the road and now both were naked. 

“They were pushing people and rushing towards people in the bus stops. 

“I tried to film again and they rushed towards my car so I bolted. The whole thing was quite bizarre.”


Passers by also spotted the bizarre couple wandering naked in the street, with one woman claiming that she had seen them be arrested.

Many locals snapped a picture of the two men before posting the strange sight online.

Both men could have been arrested by officers for indecent exposure under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

It is not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales, but it can become one if it can be proved the exposure was done to cause alarm or distress.

Typically, a person will not be prosecuted if their exposure was not for the purpose of sexual gratification or to cause alarm or distress.  

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