Bloke shares footage of his bloodied eyelid after ripping it open on a metal shower curtain hook

In a video posted online the unidentified bloke’s skin can be seen hanging off his face with the white of his eye heavily exposed.

The eight second clip opens on a shower curtain hanging off the rail with three hooks protruding from it.

It then pans around to show the face of the unfortunate chap and his ripped eyelid.

He can be seen clutching a towel as he brings the camera up to his face.

In an alarmingly calm fashion he says: “This little hook here just ripped my eyeball. I need surgery.”

The clip, reportedly posted from New Brunswick in eastern Canada, has been viewed more than 50,000 times since it was posted yesterday.

In a later video, after apparently patching up his injury, he can be seen sitting in a car eating a burger.

Filming himself again he says “don’t clean your shower kids, just don’t do it” before taking a bite of the burger.

Users were quick to comment on the post with one writing: “A few stitches and you'll be as good as new.

“Doesn't look like it got the eyeball itself just the lower lid. Impressive injury but not as bad as it could have been!”

But some were less than sympathetic with another asking: “Sorry, that sucks…BUT, why the f*** were you looking at a shower hook? They bite without warning!”

A third said: “That hook is an inanimate object, it didn't do anything to you. If anything, you assaulted the hook with your eye socket.”

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