Boris Johnson to shut down Parliament amid Brexit fight

British leader Boris Johnson has confirmed he will shut down Parliament Monday night after a second attempt to force a snap general election.

“Parliament will be prorogued at close of business today,” the Prime Minister’s spokesman said, using the parliamentary term for the suspension of business.

It starts Monday night, after Johnson tries for the second time to try to force a general election in the hopes of gaining enough support to force through his plans for a no-deal Brexit by Oct. 31.

Lasting until Oct. 14, the suspension, which limits lawmakers’ ability to block Johnson’s plans, will happen regardless of the outcome of his election bid, his spokesman said.

The suspension comes as Johnson insisted to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar that a new Brexit deal could be reached by the Halloween deadline.

The two leaders met in Dublin on Monday, with Johnson saying an “alternative arrangements” could also be met on the so-called Irish backstop provision. Johnson wants the bloc to scrap the controversial backstop mechanism that would keep the Ireland-Northern Ireland border open in all circumstances after Brexit.


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