Boyfriend says missing college student probably didn’t lock doors

The college student missing from her rural Iowa hometown was probably staying in a home with unlocked doors, her boyfriend said in an interview on Wednesday.

“It’s Brooklyn. You don’t lock your doors,” Dalton Jack, 20, told Fox News, referring to the 1,400-person town about 60 miles from Des Moines.

Jack’s girlfriend, 20-year-old Mollie Tibbets vanished about two weeks ago and was last seen jogging the night of June 18.

Local reports, neighbors and family members have said that she is believed to have made it home okay and had been doing homework on her computer later that evening.

The University of Iowa psychology major had been dogsitting for her boyfriend and his brother while they were out of town — and that none of them ever locked their doors because they felt so safe in their town.

“Its more than likely because nobody ever thought there was a reason to,” lock their doors, Jack said. “It’s Brooklyn, nothing ever happens in Brooklyn. That’s why it’s just a blindsided situation.”

The last time he saw Tibbetts was early in the morning of July 17 when he kissed her goodbye before going to work for his family’s construction business on the outskirts of Dubuque. She also sent him a Snapchat message the night of July 18.

Tibbetts was reported missing on July 19 when she didn’t show up to her job at a daycare center in a nearby town — and Jack came home when he found out she’d disappeared.

Jack, who has been cleared as a suspect, tried to call her multiple times when the search first started but, “It went straight to voicemail,” he said.

“Everybody has their own theories but I’m just leaving it up to law enforcement trying to find that out,” Jack said. “I don’t want to go racking through my brain what happened, what happened, what happened, just driving myself insane.”

The pair had planned to attend his brother’s wedding in the Dominican Republic later this week but the nuptials have since been put on hold.

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