Boy’s hilarious reaction when mum catches him raiding the fridge

Caught red-handed! Little boy’s hilarious reaction when mum catches him raiding the fridge for food

  • The boy rifles through a box of Maltesers unaware his mother is behind him 
  • After closing the fridge door, his mother shouts: ‘What are you doing?’
  • But instead of feeling guilty, the boy lets out an adorable laugh and dances 

This is the adorable moment a young boy gets caught by his mother trying to sneak some chocolate from the fridge.

The video, filmed in Brighton yesterday, shows the mother sneaking up on the youngster in the kitchen.

With her phone primed ready to catch him in the act, the boy can be seen rifling through a box of Maltesers.

The fridge light illuminates the tasty treats with a heavenly glow the boy cannot bear to resist.

Wearing his pyjamas, the young lad then shuts the door of the fridge satisfied with his hoard.

As he leaves the scene of the crime, he is then startled by the unexpected voice of his mother looming over him.

She says sternly: ‘What are you doing?’

When the youngster spots his mother standing in the kitchen door, she says, ‘What are you doing?’, and he lets out a small scream

But when the young lad is startled, he reacts adorably by giggling and dancing on the kitchen floor

Instead of cowering after being caught red-handed, the cheeky chap lets out a small scream.

Then he cracks a smile and lets out an adorable laugh while dancing on the spot in the kitchen.

It is not known if the boy’s hilarious reaction let him escape any punishment from his mother.

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