Brave Russian wife whose hands were hacked off by her husband in jealous rage vows to recover from her horrific injuries

Pictured smiling after surgery, this is the brave Russian woman whose husband chopped off her hands in a jealous rage.

"My main hope now is that my hands … I hope I can care for my children," a defiant Margarita Grachyova said after a nine-hour surgery to attach one of her hands.

The other could not be sown back on because her husband Dmitry, 26, crushed it with an axe before severing it.

He took mother-of-two Margarita to a forest after accusing her of being unfaithful, according to reports in Moscow.

He struck her fingers with the axe to torture her into a confession but she denied his accusations, say reports based on police sources.

After chopping off both hands, Grachyov then drove his wife to hospital and gave himself in to police.

Margarita is now desperate to get home to her children, aged three and four, though she fears what her husband will do when he is released from prison.

“I'm afraid…I do not know what will happen when he is released from jail… Because he said – ‘When I’m be free, I will kill you.”

Now, in the first detailed account of what led to the vicious attack near their home in Panikovo village, she says he had already threatened her once before with a knife.

Psychologist Dmitry accused Margarita of having an affair with her divorced work colleague Alexander Cherkasov, 39.

He made the accusation after following the pair to the cinema, where they took their children, and saw a text message exchange between Margarita and Alexander.

Margarita s aid: "Dmitry threatened me. He told me, 'I'll pour acid over you. He had already taken me with a knife.

“Dmitry never used to be like this. He never beat me, but now he told me, 'You knew, if we’re together – it will be forever'.

"Sometimes I had the feeling that he was not quite normal… I just wanted him to be normal, we had been living together, we have two kids."

Margarita needed a "highly complex" nine-hour operation to reconnect one hand after the attack by her husband who has been called "Othello with an axe".

The couple have been married five years and have two children, sons aged three and four.

Before attacking her, he demanded she be tested on a lie detected. She agreed but he mutilated her anyway, said police.

A colleague of Margarita, who worked in marketing and was organising a beauty contest in Moscow region, said: "She's really open. But she didn't tell me anything was wrong".

Other friends said she was preparing to divorce her husband.

She had previously called the police over her husband's behaviour, but they only "talked to him", according to one report.

A family friend called Dmitry said he had once told told her: "I'll kill you. If need be, I'll go to jail."

The unnamed micro surgeon, who believes his team saved one hand, said: "We started at 6.50 pm, finished at 3.50 am.

"Let's hope that it is not in vain because so many people participated in seeking to (mend the severed hand)."

He said: "The case shocked even us — a normal person cannot do this."

The chief physician of City Hospital No 7 in Serpukhov, Alexander Myasnikov, said: "I am immensely proud of my doctors.

"This was an outrageous case – a young woman had both hands cut off.

"I just cannot show the original pictures.

"It is just a bloody mess, even I have to strain and prepare myself to look at them.

"The surgical team did an incredible job – sewing her up even though this seemed impossible at first."

The macabre attack was near Panikovo village on 11 December.

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