Brexit day’s the day Remoaners should stop spewing their hate — but they won’t – The Sun

End the hate

WE know the countdown to 11pm tomorrow is traumatic for some Remainers, but they can’t have it both ways.

They tell Leavers not to be overtly triumphant. That the country must unite.

On balance, we agree.

But then publicity-hungry TV has-beens launch vile, deranged rants against Brexit supporters, cheered on by like-minded bigots convinced THEY are the nice, open-hearted liberals.

In fairness, plenty of other Remainers just want Brexit done too. The election proved that. So does the latest poll giving the Tories 49 per cent. But many more are still angry.
Unity requires Leavers and Remainers to make Brexit work together. That will happen only when both sides denounce hate-filled Remoaner “celebrities” as the poisonous, divisive extremists they are.

Sadly, that still seems a long way off.

Labour LOLs

IT is a travesty that Mrs Brown’s Boys took the Best Comedy gong.

By far the year’s best comedy is ­Labour’s official report into its election disaster, completely exonerating Jeremy Corbyn and all his mighty works.

Brexit and the party’s second referendum stance were to blame, it concludes. Not Corbyn’s lunatic plan to transform Britain into Venezuela. Not his anti-Semitism or terrorist friends. Millions of people only loathed and feared him because a hostile Press tricked them.

This is pant-wettingly brilliant material written by two clowns who cannot admit that the ideology they have devoted their lives to is toxic to voters.

But it has serious consequences.

Because if they turn a deaf ear to reality and reheat their Marxist claptrap again they will get the same result.

And if Labour has managed to survive until 2024, it won’t be for long.

Beeb in denial

IT has always been profligate of the publicly funded BBC to cover events with multiple news crews from different shows.

But The Sun hates to see the loss of so many journalists’ jobs. And the redundancies at its news operation show only that the Corporation hasn’t remotely grasped the scale of change it needs.

It’s not about trimming the newsroom or cutting the odd programme, hand-picked to generate the loudest pro-Beeb protest. It’s about the basic structure of the place, about paring the output back to the essentials it can do better than a commercial broadcaster.

Be bold. Scrap the entire website. Who will miss it? Bin the podcasts few listen to. To win back viewers, change your ingrained cultural and political bias. Make comedy and drama genuinely funny or gripping, not unwatchable tripe that ticks “woke” boxes.

The BBC needs reinvention. Losing a few salaries barely even tinkers at the edges.

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