British toddler found on Tunisian beach after walking from hotel club

‘Every parent’s worst nightmare’: British girl, two, is found wandering alone on Tunisian beach after she was allowed to walk out of hotel’s kids’ club

  • A British toddler was found roaming on a Tunisian beach as she cried for help
  • Ella Bryson, two, was found by a fellow tourist after being let out of the kids’ club
  • Her parents were outraged as the hotel had not even noticed she was missing
  • The family of five were on a two week Thomas Cook holiday in Monastir, Tunisia

A two-year-old British girl was allowed to walk out onto a Tunisian beach alone, as the hotel’s kids’ club did not notice she was missing.

Ella Bryson, two, was found by a fellow tourist with tears streaming down her face after she went missing from the Sahara Beach Aquapark Resort in Monastir a month ago.

Billy and Claire Bryson, her parents from Angus in Scotland, were mortified to discover the hotel was not even aware Ella had escaped.

Claire quoted by the Sun in the Scotsman, said: ‘It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. The nightmares I’ve been having since have been terrible.

Billy and Claire’s holiday was ruined when they discovered their distraught toddler with another tourist after she had wandered onto the Tunisian beach alone

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‘This is something none of us should have had to deal with.’

The 32-year-old mother and her husband Billy, 30, dropped their baby off only for her to appear with another holidaymaker in hysterics just 20 minutes later.

Billy told the paper: ‘Somebody could have grabbed her on the beach or she could have gone into the water and drowned.

‘If somebody had picked her up, how were security going to know that she wasn’t just crying for her mum?’

The father confronted the kids’ club worker who was completely taken aback by his telling her he had just discovered his own daughter.

Ella’s parents stated that even now when they go shopping their daughter has anxiety over getting lost and hangs onto her parents’ hands tightly.

They have complained to Thomas Cook since returning.

Claire wrote on Facebook: ‘Shame on you Thomas Cook. We COULD have lost our beautiful baby girl.

‘Our youngest daughter went missing from kids club on our recent holiday to Tunisia and Thomas Cook could not care less.’

She claimed in the post on Saturday that all the holiday company had done was offer them a free meal.

Claire said they would be taking legal action and would not be returning to the hotel or booking through Thomas Cook again. 

There are still large swathes of the north African country that the Foreign Office advise against travelling to over terrorism fears and they ask British citizens to remain vigilant even at the busy tourist resorts

The Sahara Beach Aquapark is an all-inclusive three-star hotel with three large swimming pools and a children’s paddling area.

There are four restaurants – one of which serves local cuisine – bars and nightclubs, from £53 a night.

Thomas Cook provided a statement to MailOnline saying: ‘Customer safety is our first priority, so we were very concerned to hear of this incident and we understand how distressing it must have been.

‘We are urgently investigating with the hotel to get to the bottom of what happened and make any changes needed.’ 

There are still large swathes of the north African country that the Foreign Office advise against travelling to over terrorism fears.

In 2015, 38 people including 30 British citizens were gunned down as they lay on the beach in the resort of Port El Kantaoui near Sousse.

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