Candace Owens rips ‘lying Democrats’ and tells black Americans to ‘quit the party and back Trump instead’

CANDACE Owens called for black people to leave the Democratic Party and back President Donald Trump in his re-election.

The commentator alleged to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday that “Democrats have no issues lying while minority communities suffer.”

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Owens’ remarks came in response to Democratic California Representative John Garamendi reportedly claiming that there wasn’t a surge in crime in Democrat-run cities in the US.

“It is unfathomable that he can stand in the face and pretend that minority communities are not suffering from a 200 percent increase in inner cities, and sometimes higher in inner cities, of shootings compared to this time last year,” Owens said.

The pro-Trump commentator alleged that rising crime is because Democratic leaders are “pushing to criminalize our law enforcement officers as they do with everything that is good for the minority community.”

“This is the reason why, as you are observing in the polls, Maria, that black Americans' support just keeps going up, and up and up for Donald J Trump because of people like the congressmen who can just brazenly look in your face and lie and say, ‘What are you talking about, Maria?

“‘We’re not trying to defund the police. None of our leaders are.’ He’s trying to hide behind Joe Biden. Joe Biden is not an elected official in this country.”

Owens continued: “I am so disgusted by everything I have just heard in this last segment and it is exactly why I have been calling for a black exit from the Democrat Party.”

The 31-year-old has long called for “Blexit,” or a “black exit.”

In 2018, she told Fox News: “It’s the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America.”

More recently, Owens accused Amazon workers over the weekend of defacing and soiling copies of her new book before sending them out in the mail.

She claimed employees were “stomping on” and “smearing Vaseline” on the new book, titled Blackout.

Cities throughout the country have reported an uptick in crime and violence amid the coronavirus pandemic and following the death of George Floyd in May.

The Justice Department this week designated Seattle, New York City, and Portland “anarchist jurisdictions” because of the rise.

With the designation came the threat to slash funding in the three cities as Trump continues to push the idea that Democrat-run cities are under siege.

The government said they designated Portland “anarchist” because of the city’s 100-plus nights of protest “marred by vandalism, chaos, and even killing.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said the designation as “thoroughly political and unconstitutional.”

“The President is playing cheap political games with Congressionally directed funds,” they said in a joint statement.

“Our cities are bringing communities together; our cities are pushing forward after fighting back a pandemic and facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, all despite recklessness and partisanship from the White House.”

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