Chilling moment female bail officer calmly shoots her client dead in front of her horrified teenage son

Chasity Dawn Carey, 42, told Payne County Court she shot Brandon James Williams, 38, in August 2017, in self-defence, during her first degree murder trial.

But chilling video footage shows Carey speaking with her client Williams at her third-floor Signature Bail Bonds office, in Silverwater, Oklahoma, while her  son Justin Henderson, 19, watches on, The Oklahoman reported.

Then she gets up and closes the door before telling Brandon to "turn around".

Williams begins to repeatedly question why she wants to arrest him, before he begins to raise his voice saying, "why are you doing this?"

Ignoring his pleas, Carey calmly reaches into her desk draw, gets her gun and shoots Brandon.

Carey's son, is left horrified, muttering in shock, "mum, you just shot him", before he turns the office camera off.

Still calm carey ignores Justin, calls the police and says: "I just shot a man."

During her trial, she appeared emotional, and insisted she shot Williams in self defence.

She said she was scared Williams would shoot her sun and steal her gun.

Williams was arrested in July 2017 on counts of second-degree burglary and possession of marijuana.

She told jurors: "I was scared. I'm not used to being in violent situations, like at all."

Carey claimed she beat Williams to the gun, turned it on him as he fled and shot him in the back.

Payne County jurors found Chasity not guilty on Friday, despite shooting Williams who was a burglary suspect.

Prosecutors had argued that Carey shot Williams after he was "no longer a threat".

But Carey's defending lawyers argued the video, shown during the trial, showed "only half" of the events in her office.

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