Cleaner 'who had child with football chairman wins part his fortune'

Cleaner, 39, ‘who had a daughter with Premier League football club chairman eight years ago wins part of his £18million fortune’ after his death aged 70

  • Barbara Jadrych, 39, has reportedly won a part of Leon Crouch’s £18mill fortune
  • She is said to have began relationship with Crouch in 2011 while working for him 
  • The pair reportedly have a daughter, eight, and lived together in £8.5m mansion
  • Barbara issued High Court writ after Crouch’s death from cancer aged 70 in 2019

A cleaner who is said to have had a daughter with a former Premier League football club chairman has reportedly won part of his £18million fortune.

Barbara Jadrych, 39, is believed to have entered a relationship with former Southampton chairman Leon Crouch in 2011, while she was working for him.

The pair reportedly had a daughter together, who is now eight years old, and lived in his luxurious £8.5million mansion until he died of cancer aged 70 in 2019.

Barbara, who works as a part-time dinner lady, issued a High Court writ, which said Crouch promised to look after her financially following his death, The Sun reported.

Barbara Jadrych (pictured), 39, has reportedly won part of former Premier League football club chairman Leon Crouch’s £18million fortune

It was based off Crouch’s will, which was drawn up in 2016, and an order saying she should be added as a discretionary beneficiary.

A source also told The Sun that Barbara was involved in a test ‘to prove Crouch was her daughter’s dad’. 

Sources told that publication that Barbara had to move out of Crouch’s mansion in 2019 after his death, which reportedly came three weeks before the pair were due to get married.

Barbara is believed to live in a £350,000 house nearby, but has reportedly now won a share of Crouch’s £18million fortune after a court battle.

The settlement remains confidential, but her lawyers reportedly said Barbara was owed ‘reasonable financial provision’, according to court papers.

Born in Lymington in 1949, Crouch was the youngest of six children and had an avid interest in sports from a young age. 

Barbara Jadrych is believed to have entered a relationship with Leon Crouch (pictured) in 2011. The pair reportedly had a daughter together, who is now eight years old 

He was the cox for Lymington Rowing Club, a member of Lymington Water Polo team, and also played football and polo in his younger years, according to the New Milton Lymington Advertiser and Times.

The industrialist was a lifelong fan of Southampton FC and purchased a stake in the club in 2006, before then being appointed as the chairman until 2008.

He personally paid for the replacement of the statue of Saints legend Ted Bates, which now sits outside St Mary’s Stadium, during his time as chairman. 

Crouch was also on the committee which prevented the closure of the New Forest community hospitals, and was a patron of Oakhaven Hospice. 

Crouch founded the Fullers Group, which specialises in the manufacture and supply of machinery and products for the medical, oil, telecommunications and defence industries.

Crouch first started as a fabrication apprentice for engineering company SJ Fuller Lymington Ltd, before he went on to buy and expand the firm.

The dedicated businessman also purchased the Gordleton gravel pit in Sway and small engineering firm Lymington Precision Engineers (LPE).

He went on to found the Fullers Group in 1978,  which combined the two companies he had bought with SJ Fuller Lymington Ltd. 

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