Company selling ‘stab-proof’ hoodies as 100th murder recorded in London

A company is selling ‘stab proof’ hoodies and gloves aimed at disarming knifemen after more than 100 murders were recorded in London .

The firm claims there has been a surge in demand for anti-stab gear from members of the public as well as mosques and synagogues fearing Islamophobic or anti-Semitic attacks

Bladerunner managing director Lee Marks claims they have seen a 22 percent spike in demand for the pricey stab-proof hoodies and specialist Kevlar-lined gloves to disarm knifemen over the summer.

However, he admitted the company can’t do anything to prevent gang members using the protective clothing to shield themselves from rivals.

The anti-slash hoodies cost £80 and also come with a stab-proof vest to protect against puncture wounds to the front and back.

Managing Director Lee Marks, 69, said: "What we have found is we are getting a lot of enquiries and sales of anti-slash gloves as people want to defend themselves from these attacks.

"We are getting a lot of sales to police, the MOD, security personnel and members of the public.

"We’ve also had a lot of enquiries from mosques and synagogues who are very concerned about security – particular when come together for events – from right wing extremist terrorists.

"We expected a spike in our sales and 22% is very good but it’s not what we were expecting – I don’t think the public are aware that they can protect themselves from a knife attack with anti-slash gloves.

"Bladerunner has always specialised in supplying anti-slash streetwear."

However, they are powerless to stop gangsters buying the anti-knife clothing to protect themselves from rivals.

He said gang members and their worried parents could be among those who have been buying ultra-thin stab-proof vests to wear under their clothing during the summer heatwave.

He said: "Of course that is possible as we take orders in from whoever. We don’t know whether it’d be parent or gang members but in either case we are helping people protecting themselves.

"Stab-proof vests tend to be very thick and uncomfortable and it is quite obvious if someone is wearing one under their clothing.

"We have developed an ultra-thin anti-stab vest that can be worn totally covertly which is designed to protect the vital organs.

"It has been developed jointly with an Israeli company and will be on the market soon.

"The likely cost will be approximately £260.00 with front and back protection and about £175.00 with single protection for the front or the back."

This weekend, two women were stabbed in seemingly random attacks in Bow, east London, and police seized 20 weapons from revellers at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Lee added: "With the increase in knife crime in the UK and particularly London more people are wondering how they might defend themselves in the event of a knife attack."

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