Cop arrested for sexually assaulting multiple women during traffic stops

An Arizona state trooper was arrested Tuesday and hit with a slew of sexual abuse charges after several women said he assaulted them during traffic stops in the state, reports said.

The trooper, 43-year-old Tremaine Jackson, was put on desk duty after a woman accused him in June of sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop, Fox 10 Phoenix reported.

While they were investigating the claim, police identified eight other women who had been victimized by Jackson, according to the report.

All of the women were either stopped or cited by Jackson while he was on-duty as a state trooper, authorities said.

Arizona’s Department of Public Safety said they believe more victims may be out there.

Col. Frank Milstead, the director of the department, asked any possible victims to come forward.

“I implore anyone who had contact to Trooper Jackson who may have been affected by him, who may have been victimized either commentary or through physical action by Trooper Jackson to please come forward and let us know about your inappropriate experience,” he said.

Jackson was fired from the force after he was arrested.

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