Cop’s ‘drunk’ girlfriend arrested for ‘rubbing boobs on underage boy’s arm’ as wild bodycam vid revealed | The Sun

A COP'S girlfriend went on a crazed rampage after reportedly being kicked out of a bar for rubbing her breasts on an underage teen.

In the wild bodycam footage, Laura Gallagher, 43, hurled abuse at the policeman and screamed that she wasn't a "pedophile" as he attempted to arrest her.

Gallagher had been forcibly removed from a bar in Daytona, Florida for allegedly touching a 17-year-old employee's arm with her breasts.

A witness told the Daytona Police Department: "She said that she had been there for several hours and she kept coming over to him and bouncing her breasts up and down."

"I guess eventually she came over and rubbed her boobs along his arm," they added.

The witness described the young employee being "so freaked out" by the incident, The Mail Online reports.

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The 17-year-old did not want to press charges, however Gallagher refused to leave peacefully which eventually led to her arrest.

Outside the bar, the enraged woman who appeared intoxicated, attempted to get behind the wheel of her car.

In the video published on TikTok, the policeman warned her that he would charge her with a DUI if she got in the car, but she fired back: "Well I will park this sh**, and I will Uber".

She then suddenly screamed: "So I'm a pedophile? You're calling me a pedophile."

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The cop calmly explained that she had touched a 17-year-old with her breasts and she furiously declared: "I was nowhere near him".

The 43-year-old then demanded to receive special treatment as her boyfriend was an officer.

"He lets me get away with murder…So how bout you just turn a blind eye and let me go."

Throughout the lengthy exchange, the cop repeatedly tells her she can't drive in her current state.

She eventually blurts out that he is a a "c**k sucker" and a "piece of s**t" which prompted him to arrest her.

Gallagher aggressively fought back as the officer attempted to restrain her and shouted "you think you're stronger than me" as he wrestled her to the ground.

"Abuse! Abuse!" she screamed as the cop calls in back up.

Following the violent tussle, Gallagher was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

She was also charged with two misdemeanours, which included driving under the influence, disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer with violence.

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In court, she pleaded no contest to her charges and was placed on probation for 12 months and forced to pay a £428 [$525] fine.

Gallagher also lost her drivers license for six months, her vehicle was impounded for 10 days and she also had to attend a DUI school or a drug rehab as well as community service.

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