D list director wears Weinstein Is Innocent shirt at Venice Film Fest

Italian director sports a ‘Weinstein Is Innocent’ t-shirt emblazoned with the disgraced mogul’s face on the red carpet at Venice Film Festival

  • Italian D list director Luciano Silighini Gargnani, 42, touted a ‘Weinstein Is Innocent’ t-shirt on the Venice Film Festival black tie red carpet Saturday night
  • Several of Weinstein’s accusers are Italian including  Asia Argento and Ambra Battilana Gutierrez
  • A third Italian actress’ claims of rape are currently under investigation by LAPD
  • Weinstein just this week was seen sporting an electronic monitoring device ahead of his September 20 court date in New York on rape charges 

A D-List Italian director wore a t-shirt emblazoned with an image of Harvey Weinstein proclaiming he is innocent on the glamorous, black tie, Venice Film Festival red carpet Saturday night.

Luciano Silighini Gargnani, 42, sported the ‘Weinstein Is Innocent’ shirt during the festival’s premiere of Amazon Studios’ Suspiria at the Palazzo del Cinema’s Sala Grande on the Lido.

Two of Weinstein’s most vocal accusers are Italian. Asia Argento and Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, are Italian and have faced ridicule and have been branded ‘who**s’ in their native land where the #MeToo movement has not been embraced as it has stateside.

Gutierrez had captured Weinstein on audio admitting to groping her during an encounter with him in New York City in 2015, as reported in Ronan Farrow’s explosive New Yorker expose.

D-list Italian director Luciano Silighini Gargnani, 42, caught the ire of the head of the Venice Film Festival

Weinstein is facing criminal rape charges in New York and is under investigation in Los Angeles and London

Supporting an alleged rapist on the Venice Film Festival carpet with other male friends showing their support for the asinine stunt 

Additionally the Los Angeles Police Department has an open investigation into Weinstein for allegedly raping an Italian actress in a hotel room at Mr. C in Beverly Hills in 2013.

Gargnani’s latest flick celebrated the ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties of Italy’s former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who was accused of having sex with an underage prostitute during the orgy-like soirees. 

The t-shirt stunt was rebuked by festival chief Alberto Barbara, who told Deadline it was ‘a stupid move.’ 

This past week Weinstein was spotted wearing what appeared to be an electric monitoring device on his ankle as he dropped off his daughter to his estranged wife in Connecticut.  

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Gargnani’s latest release in Italy celebrated former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties that allegedly involved an underage prostitute

Weinstein pictured being escorted in handcuffs in New York for his arraignment for various sex charges in July

The former couple, who are not thought to be on speaking terms since more than 80 allegations of sexual assault harassment and rape were brought against him, were both at the Fairfield County Hunt Club, in Westport, Connecticut, so Weinstein could drop off daughter India Pearl, eight.

Weinstein was wearing an electronic tag ahead of a court hearing on September 20, in New York where as he faces charges of first and third-degree rape and a first-degree criminal sex act.

The producer, 66, remains free after posting $1million bail.

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