Dad paralysed by freak accident on stag do reunited with children after tragedy

A dad paralysed by a freak accident while on a stag do has returned to the UK and seen his children for the first time since the tragedy.

Keith Dungait had to fight for his life after he dived into a swimming pool and hit his head on the bottom shortly arriving in Majorca, Spain on July 5.

Since arriving back in the UK, Keith and wife Christina’s sons Ronnie, seven, and Macaulay, five, have visited him for the first time.

"Keith got quite upset seeing them, and they did get a bit emotional at night time when they came home," Christina told Chronicle Live.

The 42-year-old suffered multiple fractures to his neck.

His injuries have been described as “life-changing” and he has a long road to recovery.

Keith, of Morpeth, Northumberland, spent a fortnight in Son Espases Hospital in Majorca’s capital Palma, but is now back in the UK ahead of the start of his lengthy rehabilitation.

He was flown to Middlesbrough’s James Cook University Hospital and underwent an operation on Thursday to stabilise his neck fractures.

Keith is able to move his arms and feel “sensations” in his legs, but remains paralysed from the waist down and medics remain unclear on the level of his potential recovery.

Despite this prognosis however, Christina says her husband is confident he will be able to walk once again.

She said: “He is finding it hard. He is a positive person and he remains really positive about the long term. He is totally determined he is going to be back on his feet and walking again.

“It’s quite emotional because he is away from us. Keith is missing me and the kids and I think when you are lying in a hospital bed, you have a long time to think.

“He’s been looking back and thinking why did I do that? But he is getting there and he’s getting a lot of visitors.

“He has had some movement in one leg, not a huge amount but that’s a positive.”

The schedule for Keith’s rehabilitation is unknown as Christina insists his recovery continues to be assessed day by day.

Christina, 39, added: “I think it still has not quite sunk in, I don’t allow myself to think to far ahead because that’s when I might start to panic.

“The kids being off for summer holiday is keeping me busy, and there are lots of people asking about Keith all the time.”

Loved ones and friends rallied to fundraise more than £70,000 in a matter of days to support Keith’s family.

And Christina has thanked everyone who donated after £16,000 of the fund was used to fly her husband back while the family continue to wait on a travel insurance payout.

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