Dad's fury as teenage son nearly bites into mouldy McDonald's Chicken Legend bun

A DAD was furious after his teenage son nearly bit into a mouldy McDonald’s Chicken Legend bun. 

Wayne Bedwell, from Dartford, Kent, ordered a Chicken Legend bun with cool mayo for his 14-year-old son Kyle via the Just Eat delivery app – but the they got a nasty surprise when they opened the lid and found a mouldy bun inside. 

The shocked dad-of-two immediately called the local Spital Street McDonald’s in Dartford to complain but says he was offered no refund or replacement by the store for his £13.16 order. 

And after two weeks of “back and forth” emails with the fast food chain complaining about the order, the disgruntled father has said McDonald’s continually told him to contact Just Eat instead. 

Mr Bedwell, 51, said: “It’s the whole comedy of errors of going back and forth to McDonald’s who just kept saying “it’s not us”. 

“The burger was disgusting and I was so angry with their response, there was no customer care or customer satisfaction – it was very frustrating.”

Mr Bedwell had made a special order for his son on the Just Eat app, asking for a Chicken Legend Burger with no lettuce, so he knew the burger “would have been manually made up”.

And while the dad finally received a full refund from Just Eat for his £13.16 order – he says he’s still fuming at McDonald’s lack of customer care. 

Mr Bedwell added: “It’s the fact that it's a McDonald’s restaurant, they’ve put a mouldy bun on and would have blatantly seen it, but that they’re telling me it’s somebody else’s problem. 

“They’re not acknowledging my son’s upset even though their staff made the burger.

“The back and forth emails were so frustrating – I asked to speak to a manager but they’ve not given me a manager’s address.” 

In a response to Mr Bedwell's email to McDonald's complaining about the burger, a representative wrote: "It’s important that our customers enjoy their experience with us, and I’m sorry to hear that your order was not correct when it arrived with you.

"We expect our staff to provide only the best levels of service when dealing with Just Eat orders, and I’m disappointed to hear we fell short of our goal on this occasion. Please accept my apologies.

"Your feedback means we can make changes and improve the service we provide to our customers. We’re therefore very confident you will notice a change the next time you choose to order from us.

"As you experienced an issue with your Just Eat order, you would also need to reach out to Just Eat who can review and make any necessary adjustments according to their procedures."

And while the Dad said he’d be persuaded to order a McDonald’s again, he refuses to return to the chain which served up the mouldy burger. 

A spokesperson at Just Eat said: "We want our customers to have a positive experience when ordering their food online and were sorry to hear that in this case, this customer's experience did not reflect the high standard we would hope to deliver. 

"We are currently looking into this and have processed a full refund." 

McDonald’s has been approached for comment. 

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