Dancer spends £85k on plastic surgery to get 38J boobs and ‘Angelina Jolie lips’

A dancer has spent more than £85,000 on plastic surgery including 38J breasts, ‘Angelina Jolie lips’ and a Brazilian butt lift because her ‘girl next door’ looks were ‘too plain’.

These incredible images reveal the dramatic transformation of "introverted" Mary Magdalene, who says she used to look a "plain Jane".

The 24-year-old Canadian has undergone three boob jobs – including a "sketchy" one by a dentist in Mexico – nose jobs, more than 15 lip procedures and butt implants to change her appearance in just four years.

She has no regrets and plans to have more surgery even though her British father, who was a missionary, does not approve of the "hobby" she likens to an "extreme sport".

One picture shows Mary at 20 before she had the plastic surgery – a time in her life when, she says, her looks and 32B breasts were "basic".

Post-surgery photos show a pout pose which reveals how heavily tattooed Mary, from Toronto, Canada, went from ‘Kylie Jenner paper clip lips’ to ‘Angelina Jolie lips’.

Mary, who is of British descent through her father, first went under the knife at the age of 20, and has now spent more than £85,700 (Cdn$150,000) on procedures.

She said: "I knew I wanted plastic surgery since I was about 14.

"Never did I imagine I would get as much as I did but it has just become a hobby of mine; like an extreme sport."

"Before surgery there were days I would feel insecure about some things and some days I would wake up feeling like myself – now looking back at old photos, I think I was a plain Jane.

"I didn’t think I was ugly at that time but looking back I just looked very basic.

"I much prefer my look now and it’s very good for my business.

"I’m sure if I had a different career I would still look basic.

"I had my first procedure when I was 20. I had breast implants put in while I was in Mexico and luckily, I survived because he ended up actually being a dentist. Very sketchy."

She added: "I’m not trying to look like anyone, I just like tattoos and plastic surgery.

"The bigger, the better. I’m not even the same person.

"I went from Kylie Jenner paper clip lips to bigger than Angelina Jolie.

"My dad doesn’t like it he was a missionary same with my grandparents and they are very conservative."

As well as three boob jobs, Mary has also had three nose jobs, a brow lift, cheek and lip fillers, Botox and arm and flank liposuction.

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She even plans on getting another boob job in August despite the fact that she has experienced some breathing problems.

Strangers haven’t always agreed with her extreme surgeries.

Mary said: "I was leaving the grocery store and an old lady shook her head and said violently, ‘now why would you do that?’

"I was shopping with my brother who was sitting on the bench waiting for me and this little girl runs out and says to the lady sitting beside him ‘mum, come look at this girl’s lips, she looks like a fish’.

"I have some breathing problems other than that I’m fine. I think you have to live your life for yourself.

"Do what makes you happy but also do not make impulsive decisions and really think about how it will affect your future."

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